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Newbie needs help with design for a new build.

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  • Newbie needs help with design for a new build.

    Hello all,
    After many years I am finally ready to build my car computer, I have been kicking the idea around for an all in one car computer for around 5 years. About 15 years ago I had a old dell desktop with a 12VDC to ATX power supply to play my MP3s, I had no display and a 16 key programmable keypad to cycle through the songs. This was before Napster became popular.
    The last time I was active (around 5 years ago) the standard was a windows computer running your choice of front end, I tried Road Runner. Now I see there are many more options, Windows, Android, Tablets, Laptops. So I need some advice, I would like to build a system that fits in my Silverado truck, I am debating removing the factory radio and replacing it with the car computer but I would lose the car trouble noises (low gas, tire pressure, oil, Etc.). But if I do not replace the factory unit I need to locate a place for the touch screen control unit, which is doable. The main page for is showing a build in progress using android software that looks good, but I havent found a good description of front ends that will run on androids.
    Anyway the completed system needs to have the following features:
    Sirius Radio
    HD radio
    MP3 playback
    Blue Tooth connection to smart phone (Hands free calling)
    Backup Camera
    And these are optional:
    ODBII monitoring
    Other cameras, record front and back views.

    I am comfortable using windows and Linux and have extensive electrical and networking skills. So building and assembling the system will not be a problem although fitting everything into the truck will be interesting. I have read around the forum and the gist is to pick the hardware then the software, but dont you need to know the OS before picking hardware? So I am reaching out to get advice and knowledge to move me to the next step.

    Thanks in advanced
    The Doc.

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    There is someone selling complete atom boxes in a case for 200.00 rray bought one that I know of. Or this one Driveline as your front end will do all your needs including multi camera's, obd2 monitoring. No installation required just unzip to your destination and run the exe. Very light on resources. Just my opinion SNO
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      I would recommend Windows 7 if only because there is so much add on hardware and driver support for it. I use the Driveline front end, and it's very easy to setup. It can do everything you want with the possible exception of Sirius, as I am not sure about that one. I am sure you can run Sirius in Windows 7 through the app from Niveus Media, and it uses windowsm media player so it might work through Driveline.

      I went with a low power 6.5W Atom based system, as I wanted to avoid overheating, reboots, and lockups that I am familiar with during my deskto overclocking exploits. It seems to do everything I want, but I want to play with an I7 mobile and Socket G2 motherboard next, keeping it down to 35W.

      I built my first car pc as an in-dash unit, and for my truck I bought a Voom2pc case from a forum member. I have not installed it yet, due to lack of free time, but it's an atom based low power 6.5W pc too.


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        Well if you haven't purchased the sirius unit then just buy the xmd-1000 xm unit prolly cheaper too. Mostly the same channel lineup just different location of stations. Works great in Driveline too as it is built right in. If you already have the sirius unit then you will be limited to the frontends that support it either via plugin or external app. SNO


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          Thank you SNOtwistR and rray for the quick response.
          I have looked at the car computers you recommended and will probably buy one.

          Well if you haven't purchased the Sirius unit then just buy the xmd-1000 xm unit prolly cheaper too.
          unfortunately I have already purchased the Sirius car unit and the Sirius to USB converter also I have a lifetime subscription with Sirius, So I will be using Sirius.

          If you already have the Sirius unit then you will be limited to the frontends that support it
          does this indicate that Driveline does not support Sirius?

          The Doc.


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            I am not sure if they operate differently or not. I know I only sent Clockwork an Visteon/Directed HD, XMD-1000 XM and Monkeyboard DAB+ radio's to work with when adding support for radio's in Driveline. Maybe if someone knows if they operate the same or if they output different code. SNO


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              I know Driveline has support for apps, and once you install the plugin, Sirius will run through Windows Media Player, so you can probably add the Niveus Media app to Driveline and run it that way, much like Pandora works through Driveline.