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Mew member with Carnetic P1900 issues

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  • Mew member with Carnetic P1900 issues

    I am new to the forums and on the last stages of my first CarPC build and I am having difficulty with the Carnetix P1900 PSU.

    I am running an Shuttle XS36VL Mini-PC that has Intel Atom D2550 dual core CPU with Intel NM10 graphics. Unit has external power brick that outputs 19V DC. Computer runs 19V at 40 Watts. I am also running a Samsung LMS700KF07-004 monitor that is 12V at 1.2 - 2.0 Watts with the LEDs at 15 - 25mA. So my rough calculation puts me at about 2.305A draw. I am using the P1900 to power both devices. Currently I am using a bench power DC output 13.3V at constant 10A for testing.

    The P1900 will not power my devices. I have check all voltage from the power leads and I have 19V main and 12V secondary but it will run the devices to about the time the computer gets into Windows then it shuts off the secondary source (monitor) then within a few seconds shuts power off to the main (computer) then sits with an over current error code.

    The P1900 is suppose to support both the 12V and the 19V simultaneous at 6A so I am confused as to why my P1900 keeps going into over load failure and shutting down?

    Is it that I need higher amperage from the bench DC power source? Car battery puts out 40+ amps so is that the problem?

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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    I'm guessing you nailed it, the bench P/S is likely dropping voltage under load spiking the current of the 1900. The 1900 is likely shutting down from he low voltage protection built into it.

    If you have a spare battery around, try that, other wise pull the vehicle battery and try it on the bench or set the whole PC setup on a sheet of wood all connected and just take it to the vehicle and set the wood on the engine/rad area and try it (with the vehicle off of course ). Make sure you fuse right at the battery, it's got a ton more power available if you short something out....
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