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  • Hi everyone

    Hi everyone.
    First time on the forum. Been looking through some of the fabrication stuff. Some of the things the guys on here have done look brilliant.

    I currently own a Nissan fairladyZ / 300ZX Twin Turbo.
    I live in the Uk and I couldn't find the member map as I was looking to see if I could go and see a couple of car PC's if anyone was local enough.

    I have bought a carpc but not fitted it yet.

    Does anyone know, can you get an all-in-one stereo system (double-din) that has an input/output for a carpc where the touch screen can control the PC - I hope that actually made sense and someone could point me in the right direction

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    Welcome to the forum! The only monitor that I know of that has radio functions/dvd and has input for PC is a single din unit xenarc xmd-7000. It functions as a stand alone head unit that changes to PC monitor and touch screen and the DVD also. Not sure on a DD unit though. Maybe someone else knows of one. SNO


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      Thanks for that, much appreciated. I guess if I was to go with a single din then i would have a second head unit anyway.

      Can you get 8 or 9 inch touchscreen monitors that are good?


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        Look on the store for 8" touchscreens. 2 stick out for me on that list. 1- xenarc or this one as second choice They are both high brightness but the second one is only 4 wire touch not 5 wire (makes a big difference in accuracy) Just my opinion SNO


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          Thanks mate, been looking loads for 300zx's that's had carpc's. I found quite a few but one had all the pictures missing.

          I'm thinking a 8.5" screen would be perfect but I don't seem to be able to find any