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can finally afford a proper setup

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  • can finally afford a proper setup

    got a jawwwwwb

    finally. took bloody years.

    so now i can afford what ever setup i like. - but, its been a while, and i have no idea whats current. are people even using itx boards anymore?! or is android getting more popular... I need a windows setup regardless, so mini-itx it is.

    I had an old epia en15000 in an M350 case that i used for a while. it was a bit slow when asking it to do multiple things with centrafuse.

    more recently I bought a D510MO on ebay for 20 euros, I was pleased. I scored some ram for it during the week, but now I'm thinking... - hang on, lets go mad...

    so can i ask for board recommendations please?

    something with 16gb ram and low power consumption would be nice. Its for a camper I'm working on.
    it will be the main computer, run from storage batteries, which in turn are recharged by solar panels. I'm trying to create something self sustainable.

    so something thrifty with power would be nice.
    I'm not a gamer, and dont care about high quality video. Really its just an internet machine with some photoshop work occasionally. nothing demanding. I just want the thing to be fast.

    thanks for reading!
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    A few of us are using a board that works great for this...

    I also have the M350 case with a M3-ATX power supply to power the following.

    Gigabyte GA-z77N-WiFi
    This board is made for harsh environments and has way more than you will ever need in your vehicle. WiFi, WIDI, Bluetooth, SATA 3, USB 3.0 and 2.0, Dual HDMI outputs at same time, etc etc... VERY nice board:

    With this board I am using a i3-3225 processor which is a LGA1155, 55watt, 3.30ghz 3MB cache Intel chip with Intel Embedded graphics 4000. If you need more powerful graphics chances are you will need a bigger case with a larger power supply and graphics card. You will need a low profile cooling fan. I bought a 65watt low power fan for mine. I am considering liquid cooling but don't really need it.

    I also have 2 8gig DDR3 memory cards in mine for a total of 16 gigs ram.
    SSD 120 gig drive. You really want an SSD drive in a carpc because they are more tolerant to the temp differences and use much less power. Plus they are under $1 a gig now for 240 or smaller gig drives.

    I also have a resistive 7" touch screen with this. If you want to use Windows 8 you will want to find a multi-touch capacitive screen which seems to be somewhat hard to find. If you do not get one you will not be able to use the gestures and it makes it VERY difficult to use with Windows 8 without a keyboard or mouse. This screen otherwise works like a mouse and works fine with Windows 7. If you can get your resistive screen to not have a bezel you MAY be able to use it with windows 8. My issue was not being able to access the charms which makes it almost impossible to use. It did come with a pen which might make it work but who wants to search for a pen when your in your car driving down the road to touch the side of the screen for charms. In my final installation I will likely use a couple capacitive screens and windows 8 but have to figure out the size screen for my truck yet.

    In the end I get pretty good windows 7 performance numbers. I believe I get over 7's for everything but the Graphics which I get a 5.9 for both 2D and 3D graphics.

    You will see this board in a few of the posters tag lines.

    I have been told others have measured a similar setup running at under 50 watts at idle and not much higher at full load unless using graphic intensive programs.
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      Another thing to mention.. I just tried a little timing on my system. With Win7 on my system it took 30 seconds from initial power up to full desktop from full power off. Took another 15 seconds to establish net connection and to finish booting. Shutting down only took about 10 seconds to power off.

      Using Hibernate it took almost 30 seconds to shut down but from initial power up I was up and running fully connected within 20-25 seconds.

      When turning on it took 8 seconds for the board to boot up to the point it would load windows. I could probably disable some devices and make that much faster if I understood what I was turning off so that means when hibernating it only took 12 seconds for my system to load and be fully running since the first 8 seconds was due to the system booting the BIOS and checking for any hardware.

      Windows 8 may boot up much quicker since is has an optimized boot mode where it could potentially boot up from cold in under 20 seconds on this board but I have not tried it.
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        I'm getting 12 seconds into windows 7 and another 6 seconds till music is playing in Driveline on the bench with my new build.

        It's a jetway socket G2 mini-itx with a 35watt i7-3612qm laptop pull. I want low power but speed when needed, so chose this route. I'm using a voom2pc case this time.

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