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  • Help with platform choice in 2013

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I am a newb in ways. In a technical sense, I do ok, I've been a sys-admin for over 10 years, for whatever that is worth, and I've done some projects like this. My trouble is that after lots of research I am still finding it difficult to decide which platform is best for my need.

    I should explain that my project has 1 important requirement, that I am using a 4:3 ratio screen. I have to use a panel, I cannot use some 2-din all-in-one system, if I could then this would be a piece of cake. Instead I am using 4:3 ratio 7" panel, at 800x600 with an integrated touch membrane.

    Given that, I am finding it difficult to go with WINCE or Windows Mobile, since the embedded OS has manufactures usually including the screen, and not making generic systems with all standard ports. I have found some exceptions that are marketed as thin-clients, and perhaps that would work but I don't know if I would run in to issues getting Navigation software and a front end on it.

    Navigation is very important to me, and due to that it has been difficult to choose a non-embedded MS platform like XP/7. The manufacturers only seem to care about tablets and other mobile devices now, especially in the US it seems the CarPC made of independent components is dying out.

    I am open to any platform though, my requirements are just Navigation (Something nice like NDrive, IGO, etc.) Music, and phone integration.

    When I find good support for my situation it is always threads from 2010 and earlier, it seems after that the Nav software market mostly gave up on non-embedded platforms.. except for a few, but I don't find them to be as good as the ones that at on WinCE/Android and such.

    A good front-end is also important of course, but I'll be happy as long as it looks as nice as the ones that come with almost all OEM 2-din WINCE devices I see these days.. I'm surprised I cannot find a generic PC from China that ripped off and unlocked that system.

    If anyone has recommendations for my situation, let me know, thank you.
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    I would stick with windows for now, Android is too much of a moving target still. In my opinion only. I use Co-pilot live v8 and have no complaints regular updates and runs on xp/win7 no problems. iGO8 and garmin still work fine just harder to get these days but both can update the maps to current versions. Hardware for windows is already deveoped i.e. radios/engine diagnostic/TPMS/Parking Distance/I-O boards. Front-ends are another story, I personally use Driveline it includes everything and Co-pilot/ig08/garmin/streets and trips/sygic all embed fine. Phone support in a front-end is a bit of a crap shoot some phones work fine and other don't but the consistant item is they all use Blue Solei, so no front-end stands out in this department. Again these are my opinions only, Good luck in your adventure. SNO


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      That was very helpful, thank you. I like hearing that Win7 is still a good way to go.


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          I agree with SNO on this. Windows is probably the way to go. There are so many options out there for Windows while Android is still in its infancy. Will there come a day when I change my mind on this? I'm sure. And im sure it will only be a few years
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            Thanks guys. So far this is the direction I have been trying, but it has been surprisingly hard to get a working instance of IGo8 for win32 with newer US maps. Other current nav software that works on non-embedded systems have not been as good I find. It seems everything I find for decent nav. software is always for some kind of embedded system, and while emulating is possible it is often noticeably choppy at times no matter what your hardware is, and those options are all a few years old now..

            I am most interested in using linux (not Android) but options for that are even more scarce for nav. Oh well. If anyone has ideas for this, let me know, thanks.