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Help with Sygic Fleet Registration

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  • Help with Sygic Fleet Registration

    I have Sygic Fleet with Centrafuse but the activation code I received from Sygic is not valid. I have followed all documents and I have the correct maps and everything but I get the message "Invalid Activation Code". I have contacted Sygic tech support. I have emailed them 4 times with all pertinent information and after 3 weeks I still have not received any reply from them. Looks like I spent $115 for nothing and I am stuck with a product I cannot use and they won't support apparently. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get past this registration problem? I really hate to just have to eat $115.

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    You've followed the centrafuse install FAQ word by word, right? linkylinky

    I have been in the exact situation as you, right after changing out a fried motherboard which caused a different hardware ID from the registration. I contacted sygic a multitude of times but never got a reply or anywhere. I did however never call them. Maybe you should give that a try.

    Centrafuse handles license resets awesomely, unfortunately the product they integrated does not. Check your PM Inbox.


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      Is there a contact #? Call them
      *****es and ask for help
      Or a refund !
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        I dont know if anyone here is still having issues, but if you are, please contact me. I've gotten very friendly with sygic support.