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ok i have a idea for a pc in a unusual vehicle

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  • ok i have a idea for a pc in a unusual vehicle

    ok i thinking maybe i can do this as something different and unusual. lets face it, i don't drive a everyday car plus a radio to fit in my stock dash would suck. i drive a 1971 ford f250 2wd std cab. since good post radios hard to find ill keep stock one in dash for looks. but above i can get a plastic headliner that has 4 speakers and can hold a single din stereo. get a bargain bin radio with couple aux ins and attach the touch screen to the headliner under the radio. bargain bin radio because speakers that come with headliner are very cheap. the real question is if i can mount a lcd touch screen from above like that. to protect data invest in a 256gb ssd and i think it may work. use my android phone as a wifi hot spot for web access.

    so do you think this idea is possible to do at all? a 71 3/4 ton truck dose not ride like a modern car after all.

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    I have a 1983 F150, it drives real bumpy too, so the SSD is a good choice over conventional hard drive. The headliner in mine is very thin, so I am not sure there is a mounting bracket for an overhead screen. The plastic headliner speaker mount would probably hold the screen, but if it does not fit, you might be able to mount the same screen on the dash as a flip up instead of flip down from headliner. Many of those type screens support flip screen image switch so it's not upside down.

    There are 2 other choices for screens that would work, just not as cool as the overhead, the traditional on top of dash mount that does not flip down, or the gooseneck stalk mount that you can position angled to the driver.


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      Even in a car your days are numbered with a traditional platter HDD. Theres just too much environmental impact on the drive from temperature shifts to ultimately the vibrations you are worried about.

      I'm also thinking that a screen suspended from the ceiling visible to all else, even with a static media front end is a good way to get pulled over by police, especially at night.


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        do you think i can do a mac mini hackintosh in a pickup? or should i just do a windows pc


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          its a bit of a learning curve but if I would build a new carpc I would go the android route , there are some threads and blogs related to that on this forum
          View my worklog here


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            least a windows pc i could get a centerfuse software for


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              I think personally your best bet is windows until you get comfortable with the joys of a carputer. Windows is a proven system and has established hardware/software specifically for the carputer. Android is still in infancy and a moving target.. Just my opinion only and good luck SNO


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                I vote windows too. I used Android, and had problems with reading USB drives and SD cards every time I wanted to listen to mp3's.

                Slower indexing, long boot times, and other compatibility grief only an Android developer could love.

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                  if i go windows should i go 7 ultimate or do 8? have 2 copies of vista ultimate laying around as well as my 7 ultimate.

                  my mechanic is looking for me a ford excursion. least that gives me more options for mounting. question is how to do audio. may need to get a universal fm modulator like from isimple or something.


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                    I used windows 8 for my first carpc, and really did not like it, although I was able to get everything working. Finding drivers for everything was harder with windows 8. I am using windows 7 this time for my new carpc, and it is much easier, and drivers are available for everything. I think Vista is just as easy as 7.

                    I bought a Visteon HD Radio, off ebay and found a USB interface cable from the mp3car store, to get radio. I use the Driveline front end software, and it will let you control DAB, XM, HD, and Media Player from within the front end.