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Install in Ford AUiii 2002 Wagon.

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  • Install in Ford AUiii 2002 Wagon.

    Hi all,
    First post here.
    My mum and dad have just offered to give me the old wagon, and I honestly don't mind it. Although being over a decade old, it's missing a few features I'd love. Like the ability to connect my phone without a fm transmitter.

    There's someone in my area, that sort of installs them out of his garage, but I personally don't know him all that well, so I thought I'd bug a forum as opposed to him.

    A quick search, I found this head-unit.

    I have no idea whether it will ever work with the car, and I'd also like to have the option to keep the steering wheel controls, if that isn't possible. Is there even any adapters out there for such an old car?

    I'm a complete noob, and from what I know, this guys isn't extremely helpful, he just kind of does the install and that's it.

    What is everything I need to buy, so I can take it in and leave with a modern stereo?

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    I think you would be better off asking this question in a car audio forum. This forum is for development of car computers. Not saying you won't get an answer here but it might take time. Welcome to the forum anyhow. If you have any car computer related questions Feel free to ask, I'm sure I can help you there. Good luck SNO