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new car and need help with stereo

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  • new car and need help with stereo

    hello everyone i just recently got my first car a toyota corolla Sport 2010 and really want to get a new center console with a screen but im very specific on what i want since i have been modifying computers and game systems for bout 15 years now.

    so i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

    Iam looking for a touch screen with a blue glow(optional) and a volume knob(optional) with a very simple OS that just has one button for gps and another for music. I would also like to have my phone be able to connect through Bluetooth so i can receive phone calls while driving.

    Now the problem i am having is i want to have a way to keep my music library constantly loaded in the car without the need of connecting my phone or a music player. Sort of a SD card slot or a Hard drive.
    And also with that i would like it so that when my music is playing there is a music visualization sort of like this app.
    i love the way the blue one looks and would love for that to show with also the option to skip tracks or play/pause or access the music library if needed. i would also like for there to be a cross fade feature(optional).

    im kinda hoping to stay under a grand as far as budget but i still got some room to go a lil higher if it is worth it.

    thankyou for your time in reading this and i hope to have some help soon.