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Operating system choice and Audio options.

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  • Operating system choice and Audio options.

    Hey there peeps.

    Just planning a system build and I'm kind of confused as to which way to go OS wise. Is it better to go for an Android style set up? With everything integrated onto a single board. Or go for a Windows/CentraFuse combo and full system?

    Also, whats the best way to connect the speaker system? I've got seperate tweeters and mids, so I'm guessing I'll need an amp, are the mini amps available ok for this kind of set up? I wanted to try and get everything inside the ByByte enclosure rather than having an amp under the seat or in the boot.

    Cheers for reading guys,


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    I personally would go the windows route, more hardware support, choice of frontend's the list goes on. those mini-amps are fine for car pc setups as long as your not looking for thx sound. SNO


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      Nah I'm not looking for anything amazing sound wise. As long as it's clear, will it connect to my existing iso harness? Or will I need to put rca connectors on the wires?

      Is there decent app support too? For things like Facebook is it all through the browser? Or are there Android style apps? I prefer the app style but it's not a deal breaker.


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        I think it's time to start at the FAQs about basic stuff.
        There's a link in my signature.

        It should answer most of your basic "how do I do this" questions regarding wiring, audio, hardware selection and such.

        As far as app support in Windows....
        Have you used a Windows-based PC? There's apps up the wazzoo, although 99% have no business in a vehicle install.
        Are you really going to be accessing Facebook while driving?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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          Obviously I've used Windows, but I spend a lot of time sat in my car for work and it would be nice to have a nice polished app rather than the web site.

          I'll check the FAQs in bit. Cheers mate.


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            android system is a good choise, if you dont want to work allot, and don't have big expectations about the system...
            but as far as peripherals go, android's are not so good... you will have to buy a system , that has integrated as much as you can afford, because otherwise, even adding a Bluetooth or GPS module is hard.... and they have little software support...but otherwise i thing they are more smooth and nicer than windows...

            but if you want to be able to evolve and go as far as you want, then x86 proccecor is a one way... but why cenctrafuse?? i use windows 8.1 , and if you are willing to work on them, they can do far more, and far easier, than any front end !!
            (especially if you plan to have a big screen, then Front End's will just hold you back on graphics ...)


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              I was just using Centrafuse as an example, I was going to try and avoid frontends to be honest.
              The only reason I suggested Android was that you can get boards with everything except WiFi built in.

              I think i'm going to go for a windows set up, what are the system requirements for windows 8.1? Does it need a fairly beefy set up? I was going to go for one of the Liliput high brightness auto switching monitors, possibly 7".


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                windows 8, begin their advertisment, with the fact, that they can be run from almost everything so from the OS side, it dosent really matter what cpu u have (as long as it not something ancient).
                here again comes, what you want from your system. i want to use TOO much peripherials, and control everything with windows voice recognition, so i hava a phenom x2 at 3.2ghz with 7mb Cache

                your main concern though, should be the energy consumption, (on both cpu and mobo)


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                  remember minimum requirements means bare minimum of what it will run on by itself. now add all your other apps and programs and that minimum will make the computer run slow. when I was building computers as a part time hobby(7+ years ago) I always went slightly higher processor wise(.5-1ghz) and doubled memory minimum requirement for the os. for hard drives I just got the max of what was readily available which I think at that time was around 500gb range. my laptop(originally windows 7) I am on right now has slightly higher then windows 8 minimums (1.6 ghz processor and 1 gb ram)and its slower then molasses in winter with internet explorer and facebook apps open. add my xbox smartglass or directv controller to that and I might as well go dig a ditch in Alaska. don't get me wrong I love windows 8. with a 2ghz processor and 2gb ram you should be ok for a while. also the more cores the better. cores are like people working on a project. one person is once core and the project takes forever but 2,3 or 4 people or cores makes the project go quicker.