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newbie to advanced in car entertainment needs some help

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  • newbie to advanced in car entertainment needs some help

    hello all, ive been doing in car ICE builds for a few years now (nothing massive recently but not stock things either) but now i have a car im goingto be looking at keeping for a while ive decided to go all out and rig in a better system.

    the car in question is a 2010 Subaru Impreza 1.5 hatchback (i am based in the so ive got to watch fuel prices hence the junk engine )

    currently i have a basic system running which consists of:-
    7 inch touch screen XTRONS flipout head unit (will be replaced by a double din once i have the cash to ) - this has integrated gps, dvd and bluetooth so i dont need to worry about those, its also got composite in for video and another for reversing camera, and composite out for a second screen
    basic legacy la740 800watt 4 channel amp running a single 15inch sub currently (will be rewiring it to run the 4 speakers and getting a second amp for sub eventually.

    now for the good bit. i do repairs for a certain very popular games console (360) so i have a load of them sittin around doing nothing so im thinking of integrating a console into my car setup, i have had console running and fitted under passenger seat (no shell on it and it is using non-std heatsinks so cooling is not an issue.) but im stuck with a few issues at moment

    1. im running the console via a 300w inverter as i dont believe its possible to run a 360 off 12v? inverter will be getting wired into my amps 12v feed soon (currently running off cigarette lighter socket)

    2. i cant find a sensible route on the passenger side of carto run the av cable into dash so its ran down drivers side and accross in front of gear stick for moment

    3. i have extended the consoles dvd power cable and im using the longest sata cable i have but im unsure wheres best to mount the dvd drive, i would like to mount it above the head unit but i dont know anywhere to get very long sata cables as i would need a cable at least a couple of meters long, power cable i can extend easy but not sata.

    i will get some more pics up later once i get this console into car as its sat testing on my desk currently

    sorry for the long winded post

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    Hey there and welcome / welcome back?

    I'll keep the answers short for now on the questions and then give my own thoughts.

    1: If i am not mistaken, the xbox360 is a 12v device?? MOD - Picture of PSU in there, 5v also (you can step down the cars voltage easily with various methods).. This would be the best option and fairly cheap to do... free if you have the parts already around... also try not to run the inverter of the accessory socket

    2: When it comes to cables and running them in a vehicle, try to keep power cables to one side and signal/video/audio to the other side.. The car "may" already do this with the stock stereo. Otherwise it should be fairly easy to remove the center console and run the cables under there and the carpet (depends on the car)

    3: The length of 1 meter seems to be the recommended limit and possible to 1.5m if you are lucky for a SATA cable. (eSata maxes out a 2 meters)
    You'll need to most likely have the xbox/board within a proximity of the drive including cable running.... maybe time to lose the xbox case or relocate it?

    Thats the main things that come to mind at the moment, also from what i recall you can not use a USB drive either on the xbox (dvd/cd)...

    - Networked: never done it but how about networking the xbox so you do not need the drive, depending on what your doing... not sure how limiting this is ?
    - USB Key/HDD: Is it possible to operate everything you need with a USB plug instead?? songs and videos on a USB hard drive / key??
    - Another System: many reasons, for example i'm about to try a Raspberry Pi .. very cheap and will cover what i need easily... If the xbox is just for games, then ignore this one.
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    2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup


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      cheers for the reply,

      managed to get hold of a 2m sata cable which seems to work fine for the min, xbox is already out of its case (better for cooling especially in a mobile environment). and their is no other sensible place to mount it other than under passenger seat (drivers seat has cd changer under it which i cant remove for now), unfortunatly i cant do much else currently as my head unit died last week so im trying to get a kenwood kvt-815dvd ive just got cheap working as its faulty at moment.

      360 is a 12v console but it pulls ~175-203watts so would need a fairly beefy psu, am confident with soldering if anyone has ideas on that tho

      and to answer your comments:

      networking: not a massive issue at moment and if absolutely needed i can get a wireless n adaptor for xbox/carppc if i decide to add one (which may happen thanks to my nav head unit dying) - or i have a 30m ethernet cable if i need hardwired lan temporarily

      usb : yes the 360 supports these for video/music and save games but not for storing actual game discs (unless i fix my jtaged 360 which can run games from usb/hdd without dvd drive even connected)

      other system: very good thoughts and may very well happen as per above re head unit and the kenwood one i have not having nav or bluetooth on board