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  • Another new member - Golf MK4 Build


    Just joined the forums so hello there!

    I have a golf mk4 gti with a regular after market head unit and although it sounds ok i need other functions in my day to day life such as spotify, facebook feeds, email, sat nav and phone calls through bluetooth. With this i have bought the following items:

    - Intel Atom 1.6Ghz Dual Core Processor with 2GB Memory, DVD Drive and a 320GB Western Digital Hard Drive in a Sturdy VoomPC Case
    - Windows 7 Home Premium License
    - Centrafuse Auto 3.5 License ($20 to upgrade to V4)
    - Lilliput GL701-TV/C/T Single DIN Slide Out Monitor Screen
    - 2 Channel Nikaki Amp
    - USB GPS Adaptor
    - High Gain Wireless Adaptor
    - 2 x iDrive style controllers
    - 2 x 12V USB Hubs
    - Logitech Portable Keyboard
    - Echo Cancelling Microphone
    - LCD Screens compatible with Windows Vista onwards
    - 2nd Battery charging boards
    - USB Radio Units
    - USB Input Detector
    - Various Cabling

    So with the above where do i start? I believe the 4x40w in the head unit will drive the in car speakers then the amp can be used for a sub. What i'm wondering about is should i sell the lilliput back on ebay and get a regular 7" touch vga screen and a bigger amp to drive the speakers with. Any advise on the above components and build would be appreciated.


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    Goood morning,

    Welcome aboard .

    I had my audio running through my head unit for years - saves time to get it up and running. I personally would stick with what you have for now and get the feel for it (just a personal opinion). It doesn't just come straight together and there are a few problems to overcome to get the system to suit its environment, and most importantly you .

    The amount of tweaking can be too daunting for some and they end up trying their hand at something else.... I'm sure you'll be fine as you seem to have researched enough looking at the starter kit . (BTW - I want the Logitech keyboard too...)

    You're welcome to call around to mine and discuss some of the issues when you're next in Norfolk .

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      Welcome to MP3car forums!

      Nice to see you jumped right into a build, you should start your own work log to document your progress, it's a sub forum of "show off your ride"

      Regarding installing in a Vdub, do you know what you have now for speakers, factory amp? I thought all of the VW's used non standard impedance speakers but maybe it's only the Monsoon equipped cars. Being that you already have an aftermarket HU, have you already swapped out the speakers or are they factory? I ask because this should affect your decision on what to use to drive them. I couldn't find anything on the net re "Nikaki Amp", is that an OEM amp and if so, what are the specs on it?
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        I believe the Nikaki Amp to be a Amp (I might be wrong) <edit - I am wrong, try Nikkai Amp>. I read it that the head unit will drive the speakers with the head unit sub output going to the two channel amp. Audio isn't my thing so I'll leave this to the guys that know .
        Last edited by Dave One; 12-16-2013, 09:20 AM.
        Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.