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Sony Xplod amp automatically goes into protect mode

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  • Sony Xplod amp automatically goes into protect mode

    I have a 1200 watt sony xplod amp hooked up to 2 12" JVC Arsenals. I have 8 Gauge wire running from the battery to the amp with 12 gauge wire hooked to each sub. I have a pioneer avh-1500 head unit. As soon as i turn the radio on and the first time the sub plays music the amp automatically goes into protect mode. It has worked for about 5-6 months with no problems and its just now starting to mess up. Anyone have any tips to help fix this or an idea about what my problem is?

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    Welcome to the forum! I am no audiophile but I really think your wiring is undersized. My reasoning as to why it worked before would be mostly related to battery condition and over time has lost it's capacity as well as the alternator may be weakened by the extra load. I think I would use 4 gauge to amp and 8 gauge to the subs. Only my thoughts and I am sure a more qualified person will chime in. Good luck SNO
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      8 gauge does sound too small for the supply to the amplifier. 12 Gauge to the speakers is probably fine. You could test your wire size by hooking a standard car jumper cable in parallel with your power wire and see if the extra wire takes care of it. I would NOT suggest running this way but it is an easy way to check that the size of your wire is accurate. If it works then you know you need a larger wire for sure. If it doesn't work then you likely have an issue with your amplifier and you want to look at the cooling system for your amplifier. if there is an internal cooling fan that fan could be bad or the cooling heat sinks could be plugged up with dust or something.

      A wire has a resistance inherent to the wire and the longer the wire and the poorer the quality the higher the resistance. The ONLY way around that is to go to a larger gauge wire. My assumption here is that an 8 gauge wire is probably OK for a short run but if you are going all the way to the battery the run might be too long and you are too small of a wire. The reason why it may work for a while then eventually fail is because the wire its self will get warm and burn the copper in the wire. This slowly increases the resistance over time and will eventually end up in a failed device due to too low of amperage through the wire which shows as a drop in voltage.

      Have you tried to monitor the voltage supply to the amplifier? I suspect you will notice the voltage drops dramatically when you try to power the speakers under your current situation assuming the power wire is too small which I am guessing is the case.


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        You haven't given a model or specs of the amp or subs but I suspect your amp is under powered to drive those 2 subs. Proper model number and or specs would confirm if this is the case. If so, it would help explain why it worked for a while and then didn't.... the output stage on the amp may be done medium -well. Not good for steak or amps.
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          Here's my suggestion. Look up what fuse size is attached to the amp, the fuse rating will determined more realistically how much amp your sony really gives (Sony is known for overinflating their numbers with hollywood stats)
          Second I highly doubt your gauge wire is the caused of the safe mode. Running too small gauge will just cause your speakers to bottleneck.
          What I'm interested to know is:
          where is your gain set on your amp?
          How many channels is your amp? Are you running in bridge mode?
          Are you getting your signal input from a line input or from the speaker wires?
          Do you have any type of boost control, additional features?
          Are your sub(s) svc or dvc? 2 or 4 ohms (also what brand/models)

          Most of the time, for an amp to go in safe mode is because the internals are at dangerous temps and the amp pauses to cool off... The general cause of that is running too low ohms for the amp specs or when the gain is set too high or for low end amp, when wired in bridge mode...

          I'd start from there.

          Forgot to ask, are you sure it's a safe mode issue? Does your amp have a display LED that turns on or flash when in overheat stage? Just want to make sure it's not something basic like a bad ground/connection or something...


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            jeunefred means the speaker wire gauge re "I highly doubt your gauge wire is the cause of the safe mode".

            Too small a power gauge and a high power amp's (SMPS) PSU gets hot because it draws a higher current - hence the thermal protection jeunefred mentioned.