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Been Gone for 6 years, Whats this Aurduino stuff?

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  • Been Gone for 6 years, Whats this Aurduino stuff?

    hello, all. I was a professional car audio installer for 25 years, been out of the business for 6 years, and havent poked my head in this site since around that time.
    Now that I do, I see all this Arduino board, and talk of hardware development and open hardware....
    last i left this site It was just a micro or nano board with some make shift mobile power supply, now this site is outa control. Anyone wanna take some time and catch me up on what all this new stuff is for and what people are doing with it, I would search through the threads but looks like ive been gone too long, looks involved. Plus some of us like to converse.

    Thanks Guys CHEERS!

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    Welcome back, there has been some recent development on this forum related to arduino. Unfortunately I can't help you as I prefer phidgets. Good luck SNO


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      I'm a Phidgets user myself, (only the USB controlled I/O stuff) but I have read a bit about Arduino's.

      People are using them for all kinds of stuff like heater and air conditioning interfaces so you can remove your stock heater interface and find room for a larger screen, or install modern canbus interfaced stuff in older non-canbus cars. It's kind of like the old BASIC Stamp, where you can program it to do functions, but there are tons of different I/O interface options and sensors available.

      What's new, and attracted me to this site is instead of just basic PC mp3 players, people are using Android, Windows, MAC, and Linux based systems, and interfacing all kinds of stuff like front and side camera's, alarms, remote vehicle access, lighting controls, navigation, cell phone interface, as well as the original radio and mp3 features.

      The front ends are full featured too, doing stuff like finding the cheapest gas station along your route, reading news and weather reports, accepting voice commands, multiple screens, GPS, OBDII interfaces, and lots more.

      Everything has evolved. I like high quality audio too, so I use the carPC as my head unit, a USB DAC feeding an MS-8 processor, which feeds the amps a clean soundstage.


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        Ok so what are people doing with Phidgets?. And do you think that mobile pcs are ready for the masses yet, or still not stable enough?


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          I use my phidget to control pimp lights and my front camera on/ off.



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            My system has been very stable using proven hardware, directed/visteon HD radio,XMD-1000 XM radio,'s obd2, robby's TPMS and PDC, Sure electronics GPS development board, microsoft lifecam. I use my phidgets for controling my lights inside and in my back bed area in my truck as well as voltage/humidity/amp draw/and temperatures in the 4 areas for passengers. As for the masses, no one makes that unit yet. SNO
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              The phidgets from what i understood until now are the nervous system of the electronics. They can send details and information to the unit they controlled by ( arduino windows ) and on the same time the unit can send tasks to the phidgets....!

              The auto lights ( mean the lights with the sensors ) that we had in our houses are exaclty that but in more primitive form. So sensors for getting informations exists about everything ( temperature, pressure ( atmospheric and physical ), luminosity , distance , gps, compass, gyrometer , liquid and aerial flow, liquid and aerial concentration and etc. )

              The other day while i was on the net looking things i saw a sensor for petrol flowing . i suppose with one of this you can be sure on what is ur car consumption.
              If you enter this path and choose a main board that can control ( sno knows them much better than me ) you have almost unlimited capability of what you can measure and do.

              I suspect a top end project would be a car with no driver.

              This is how i get it. For carpc go for it and if you are on business and love ur work and have intentions of use it to make profit then i think it is almost guaranteed that you ll be happy with ur choice.

              This is how i get all these.
              Vw Sharan 2007 1.9tdi || Exide 100Ah
              Fuzzy 945gme + core duo T2400 + 2gb ddr 667 + pci nvidia 5500 256mb + kingston v300 60gb + hdd 2.5" 100gb 5400 + Sure Gps module
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