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  • Newbie requiring additional info

    Hi all,

    I have been on here for quite some time gathering info and researching for my own project which has never come off..... But I now have a more important project come up.

    The project is a car PC in a camper van, now it is for a conversion my father is doing, I have searched and am struggling to locate any similar builds.

    What we need is a touch screen upfront which has all the usual, (sat nav, music, obd2 monitoring, reverse camera and tracker function) however there needs then to be 2 additional screens as non touch screen, 1 monitor half way down the van and 1 TV with built in DVD in the lounge at the back.

    We want to be able to use different things at different times ie sat nav and music up front and film at back.

    Now the first question is will one system be adequate/ easy enough or should we have multiple, I was thinking to have the front screen and mid monitor run of the car PC and the one at the back using a separate PC running xbmc wired in using a docking station so that we can use the existing HTPC laptop and just take it with when we go.

    Any ideas suggestions welcome.

    We have a few laptops already with busted screens so want to use these ideally rather than a purpose built or tablet.

    Let me know and if there is already posts on this please point me in the right direction as I can't find any.

    Cheers all