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Renault trafic odb2 scan tool

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  • Renault trafic odb2 scan tool

    Hi all, I for my sins own a Renault traffic, which you won't be shocked to hear keeps breaking down with electrical problems. And every time it does I need to call out the auto electrician to plug his toy in again and tell me what it is this time.

    Don't get me wrong he spends thousands on his equipment and I don't begrudge him earning a living, I just wish most of his annual income didn't come from me.

    So I used to be a mechanic for a living, and I now write c# code connecting websites to databases, so I have coding experience. I'm after an odb2 connector that will connect my van to my laptop, that will give me the errors, allow me to reset them etc. But in the future I might want to write some custom code my self. I've done some research and found either

    ELM 327 V1.5 OBDII OBD 2 CAN-BUS USB Auto Car Diagnostic Interface Scanner
    or one from

    can anyone recommend either of the above or another one.


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    Have you made sure your Renault is obd2 or at least compatible? If yes then I think I would get something from preferably the MX but really any of their products will be good. Good luck SNO