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  • Mini itx carputer

    Hi just wanted to say hello as I'm new on here. Can anyone help?

    I have purchased a mini itx PC which I'm planning on fitting in my Range Rover Sport.,

    The ITX came with it's own external 9v power supply.

    Early stages but I would like to know if pos,

    1) can I simply connect the 9v to a cigar lighter for power?

    2) The sport comes with a touch screen Nav, which I'm converting to control the PC. Now the screen only has a yellow AV input, what would you recommend using to connect it to the VGA port?

    There's still lots I need to read up on with regards to the software (skins roadrunner is it? Or centrafuse).

    I want the front end to look like factory if pos. how is this achieved?

    Many thanks


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    Hello Gareth,
    Welcome to the world of CarPC.
    Here's a few answers to your questions.
    1- 9V won't work on a 12V power supply and could cause damages to your ITX. What you would need is a DC to DC power regulator like this: . This unit will drop the voltage from 12v to 9v. It also has a on/off trigger which you can wire to the board's header pin. You connect the regulator to a ACC wire and each time you turn the ignition on the PC will turn on/resume, when you turn the key off, the PC will turn off/hibernate
    2- This could be a difficult task to do. The easy way is to simply run an analogue splitter like this: . I've tried it before to mirror my PC image to the headrest monitor. It works, it's basic, and cheap on ebay... Now keep in mind that you would not benefit from touchscreen that way. I'm not sure if your head unit is touchscreen. If it's not, you could always try pulling it apart and placing a resistive screen like these: on top of the monitor, and putting it back together. (If the ebay link doesnt work just lookup user chinatobby2011 under touch panel in his store). IMO, using composite video is going to give you pretty poor results. I would suggest going with a seperate external touchscreen monitor that you could mount to your dash...
    As far as frontend goes, Riderunner and centrafuse are definitely two popular options, both with great support. Riderunner is free and centrafuse comes with a free trial (Or at least I believe they do?)...


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      Hi thanks for the replies, much appreciated

      I will have a look at the links when I get back..

      With regards to putting the computer into hibernate, I'm a little concerned about just turning the PC off as I'm sure I read in the instructions not to do it. I will dig them out and post the model of my board up. I was under the impression that there would be 2 +ve wires, one which was perm 12v and an ACC. I can't see to find the Acc wire tho :-(. Like said I'm really new to this .

      The OEM screen is touchscreen already and I have a device to convert it to run on USB. Ideally I need to keep the original screen as it gives 4x4 data etc. I'm not sure if it would be possible to maybe get a different screen to work with the car? I'll have to look into it..

      Is the quality of VGA to AV really that bad? :-(. I'm only planning on using it for videos for the kids and stored music.

      Thanks again appreciated :-)


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            Its not good.but if i were you i would give it a go...since you have the setup already...later on you might be able to upgrade screens and feed the 4x4 data into the new one...question since you already have touch on the oem screen..if you reroute the touch to the carpc how will interact with the original car?


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              With the 9 volt feeding it you will need some sort of feedback to the computer to tell it to shut down or you will be shutting off the computer without shutting it down.

              And yes AV IS that bad for computer video. If you use a front end it will be better because they are designed to be used on a low res screen.

              Also I don't believe the recent copies of RR are free but may have a trial period.

              Driveline however is free and currently developed.

              Open Mobile is under development and well worth looking at as well when it is available.


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                Hi thanks for the replies. I have noticed that the board actually runs on 12v and not 9v so there's one headache gone I supppse..

                I can't seem to find any pins on the board that could be used to make it hibernate? Any ideas?

                With regards to the range rover oem touch screen. My plan is to use a relay to interrupt the touch screen and send the signals to the PC :-)

                The range rover screens use a gigabit for video or something? Really not sure what it is or if there's a solution to integrate both?

                Thanks again for the help :-)


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                  RideRunner is still free and still gets a monthly update.
                  CAR: 2007 G35 Sport Coupe 5AT
                  HARDWARE: Dell D630 w/ dock, internal 80G HD, internal 320G HD, Verizon Wireless Card, iBlue GM-2 GPS w/iGuidance, OBDPros w/DashCommand, Visteon HD Radio w/ Home Made Cable, Current Version of RR w/ DFX Skin. My Install.


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                    Thanks drew


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                      Thanks mate ill have a look into that. This is the board i am using UM_EPIA-TC_121 The instructions are located here


                      I cant seem to find another pin on the board that could be used to make the board hibernate :-( any ideas?



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                        Normally you can assign what you want the power button to do. Shut down, hibernate, sleep etc.


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                          Thanks mste is that done via windows software? There's nothing in bios. Only thing I can see the switch does is off on 1 press or off after pressing for 4 secs :-(


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                            Yes under windows....

                            Control Panel > Power Options > "Choose what power button does"



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                              Ride Runner is Free now... I seem to recall it was pay for a while or atleast required a registration or something but I see it is now fully free. Maybe it was shareware? Not sure...

                              Anyhow doesn't matter, just looked and it is definitely free now.