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Newbie ... and from Europe... :(

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  • Newbie ... and from Europe... :(

    I am a complety newbie in carputer, but I have a long experience with desktop ones

    Too bad I'm completely newbie in electronics...

    I've been lurking these forums for a while and the idea of having a pc in a car sounds marvelous to me. I tried to search in this pages for a little scheme, a sample project but... I got nothing... People always speaks of already done or almost done systems, but there are some (like me) who don't even know what PSU stands for (Power Supply Unit?) and why u need it... Could someone tell me, for example, for does an inverter do?

    Also I'm from Europe... 90% of URLs shops I saw are in USA. Can someone (from Europe, mybe) help me out?

    Thanks a lot!

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    you can use an inteverter. That takes the 12 volt dc power from you car and changes it to AC power which a normal power supply can handle. Ironically the computer power supply turns it into dc power that your computer needs. So if you get an inteverter, you can use the normal desktop setup you have now

    on the other hand, you can get a dc-dc power supply that changes the 12volt power and pretty much splits it up into the power needs that your motherboard requires.

    dc-dc PSU is what everyone will recommend. It'll cost more then an inteverter, but there are a lot of postives using the dc-dc option. The big two is that its more efficent and also quiet. The other big one is inverters can bring in line noise into your setup that you have to fix.
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      no problem with shopping from the Us to Eu
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        Newbie too.

        Looking for HS850 connectivity help.


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          Man. One post and you score an infraction for a threadjack.
          Worse yet, you resurrect a thread that's three and a half years old with no useful content.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            You actually get an infraction for threadjacking?! Whoa.

            It is better to search and post on a somewhat relavent topic though, then create a whole new post.

            Still kind of weird though.
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              Where in Europe are you? May be able to give you a few shopping pointers.