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  • MP3car=sw33t!!

    Sup all well ive been in the dark for long time wish i couldve found this forum along time ago. I must add this place is amazing and the knowledge and respect i see here is awsome. so anyway im jayson and a nut for puters and cars. ok, ill will be searchin and readin alot cause of what ive seen so far is goina be my new home!! I hope to be starting a proj. soon with all your help.
    thanks all for hearing the nOOb and post ya laterz!!

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    welcome to the mp3car anonymous support group

    searching will be your friend, there's a lot of information on LCDs and power supplies especially, those seem to be the most common questions. typically the mobo is the easy part, most go with an epia or shuttle.

    have fun!

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