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  • DVD and LCD

    Hey everyone,
    Love the forum...So much information.

    First post here, but have been reading and reading....and so on.

    For the time being I've decided to just go with a DVD and LCD setup.
    Possibly Carputer setup later down the road.

    What i have so far:
    Pyle 7.2 inch TFT LCD color monitor PLWHR7
    Pyle DVD/CD/MP3 player PLDVD92

    I purchase an FM modulator on ebay (still hasn't arrived). I know there is lots of different opinions to whether how the fm mod. performs. But i figured i'd try it out. Oh yea mine did come with a switch, i know that's important.

    the dvd player came with a cig. lighter adapter.
    the lcd came with s-video female and an adapter svideo male to audio/video power. The power is a black wire (Ground) and red (12v)

    Would the dvd player, lcd, fm mod, and radar detector be to much for the Cig. lighter? Do i need to add fuses? Should i break up the components like the lcd running to HU accessory wire? It would be nice to put it all combined to one connection, but i definitely don't want anything to short out.

    After it's powered my other main question is how do I interconnect everything together. FM mod to DVD and DVD to LCD? instructions weren't to helpful

    I've done lots of searching... those are my remaining questions.

    Sorry for all the noob questions...

    I'd really appreciate any kind of answer concise, or in depth whichever...heh


    btw (not that it matters) my cars a 95' Nissan 240sx
    95' 240sx craving boost
    .....and a carputer

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    DON'T run it off the cig lighter!!!!

    wire it from the battery
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    80% done


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      Originally posted by hijinks21
      DON'T run it off the cig lighter!!!!

      wire it from the battery
      From the posts i've read I noticed some people mentioning spikes... Like the battery would feed it to much power and ruin it.

      Would i need 1, 2, 3 fuses to prevent this? I guess depends how safe i wanna be?

      Also if anyone could help answer my second set of questions about the wiring, i'd be most appreciative.

      95' 240sx craving boost
      .....and a carputer


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        the reason not to run off cig lighter (well, one reason), is
        that the lighter is running through one fuse. usually about 20a.
        so once you start running a lot of stuff.... not tooooo goood.

        most new hu's want one line directly from the battery. not sure
        bout other brands, but my pioneer sucks most of its power along
        this line.
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