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    Hey all

    Im new to the computer world but thought id put my old comp in the car.If anyone could help me that would be great.

    Id like to put my DVD rom at the front of the car as the pc is in the boot, I thought maybe using longer wires would help but when loading advd it players very slow then chrashes.Its an old dvdrom not sure on the speed but id say its a slow one.Would buying a faster one help? or can you buy the wires? or it will it not work?

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    I assume you are referring to the IDE (data) cable. This is not meant to be longer than 2 maybe 3 feet. Signal integrity gets bad any longer than that. I recommend using an external 5.25" USB2.0 enclosure (~$40), that is what I am using and it works great. Keep in mind the external enclosure is AC powered so you'll have to find a way supply power. I removed the AC power supply and made a custum DC-DC power supply for mine, let me know if you want to take this route and I can explain in further detail.
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      for the most part you cannot extend and IDE cable beyong 3 feet. THats why people use and ide->firewire converter and such.
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        Thanks guys