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The length of the cables...

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  • The length of the cables...

    Could someone post a sticky messagge that contains the max lenghth of a cable? IDE, USB, Ethernet and so on... it'd be useful fro everybody, not only newbies...

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    Usb is about 5m, also usb2
    Ethernet is 100m something

    IDE is what, half metre? Some members on the forum have working IDE cables that reach the ground from a three-floor building, so dont take that too seriously.

    It simply depends on how much interference and shielding
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      Originally posted by jol
      Usb is about 5m, also usb2
      Ethernet is 100m something
      Ok, I knew these... It was a suggestion for the newbie section...

      For example: VGA? LCD cable? and so on...


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        Well, here it is, keep posting
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          Or find it yourself on google:

          ie: "max ide length"
          "max usb length"

          You probably won't need anything more than 15ft in a car. USB, Serial, VGA will work fine at these lengths.

          If you need to place the hd/cd rom far from the motherboard, you can use a usb 2.0 adapter or firewire.
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            recommended length of IDE cables is 18"
            but some people made custom, longer cables and dont have any problems - just search in this forum and you'll find the answer

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              Actually, USB2.0 is 15 feet, and you can get "active" extensions which will give you up to 25 feet.

              IDE is limited to 24 inches.


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                5m is 15ft. But keep in mind, these standards are beautiful, but are only "safe" values. this doesn't mean it will work at the given value nor that it can't work over a certain value. best bet is just give it a shot and hope it works.

                I don't know for firewire, but pretty much all other computer based cables can be stretched the length of a vehicle (15ft or so) without a problem as long as they are shielded. Only exception would go to regulated 12v power cables and antennas which should be kept to a minimum to keep interference out.


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