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  • Some info for my project...

    Hey, well im usually a straight computer modder, but for a nice lil budget project on the side imma put a nice lil "carputer" in my car...

    the victim: 1998 Bravada (nothing special)

    ok well im no noob to computers, i own this site along with a lot of the computers:

    and i also have done some work with LCD's etc... and on my next matrix-themed case i will have some LCD's on it as well...\

    but anyway, back on topic

    I am going to wait for the Nano-ITX Boards to come out and i will use something like a 20 Gig 2.5" laptop HDD and a slim (hopefully slot) DVD or CD-RW Drive... im not really sure if im going to be watching DVDs... the thought of doing it while driving kinda scares me... and i wont be sitting in my car watching a DVD anytime so.... not totally sure...

    Im not totally sure on the LCD yet... ill do it via ebay or through and if i go ebay whatever is nice then... prolly somewhere aroung 5" to 7"

    For the keyboard i am modding a foldout palm keyboard to work via USB (more on that later... im still figuring it out)

    and for the mouse i have a lil touchpad that i will use with wome hot-buttons that i will program to do mp3 controls...

    now here is where it gets not so good....

    ok, might not have the car for that long... and i want to keep it stock... so i will be lying the case somewhere underneath a seat or something... and then i was going to take the 2 cup holders by the dash and use that area to mount the LCD... one reason i wanna do this is so i can take it inside easily, hide it maybe... and also if i sell the car i can put it in my next with only little modifications...

    ok where i need ur help....
    i want to know exactly how i should power everything... should i wire the LCD into one of the jacks? or should i wire it into a 12v molex on the PSU... and whats the best way to power the actual computer as well???

    and im gunna try to keep the costs down... i dont wanna spend too much on it all...

    i got a legacy 5" LCD for 60 bucks... it works nicely, but i think its going in a computer... but i dont wanna spend much more than 100 for the LCD (and i also got connections witha few companies) and then im not totally sure how much the nano boards will be.... and all the other stuff... but we will see

    and also... the other thing i dont know much about is the audio... is it easy to hook all of this up to your car stereo??? maybe i could buy speakers and mod em to fit under seats and such... thatd be kinda ghetto though u think? i dunno...

    also for the OS im still deciding between linux and possibly win2k.... hmm any input?

    another interesting thing would be i have a wireless router in my house... so if i got one in the PC (gunna be hard with nano-itx though... ill see what i can pull up... but that would be pretty slick cuz i got like a lot of music on a file server on our network...

    but neway, any input you guys can give me would be appireciated... i just found this forum and have been lookin at some of ur guys "carputers" and they look pretty sweet from what i can see... good job...

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    Try searching and reading this forum before posting.
    You're doing nothing new that hasn't already been tackled.
    In the future, use proper punctuation and occasional capital letters. It helps us follow your posts a bit better.

    The power section will give you a few ideas to power your computer and some pros/cons of hooking your lcd to a socket vs psu. The LCD section will tell you why not to use a cheap lcd and also offer some power suggestions for the screen. Audio is a popular discussion in the general hardware section and your ghetto speaker approach has also been covered. linux vs win has been debated in the software section. Wireless internet was discussed in the general hardware section.

    My suggestion:
    Use an expensive screen that supports VGA and touchscreen (eliminates the need for a seperate touch pad and text is crystal clear) such as Xenarc 700TSV. Mount it so that it looks stock in your dash, but doesn't require any permanent modification. If you were able to keep the stock stereo mounted, you could usee an adapter for cd in, tape in, or fm mod to get sound into the system. Otherwise, rewire the car to use a car amplifier. Don't rule out XP, 98, and lite editions OSes. Integrating with your wireless home network is easy via a wireless usb adapter (very kewl if you have a wireless campus or hot sites around town you frequently visit). For on the road internet, pick up cell phone with data plan and a usb link.

    Good luck on your project.
    Again, use the search button and read the plethora of previous posts. You'll find many of your questions already answered or even find things you never considered.
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      I second what tejesh83 said! Also, something to keep in mind: "Read, Process logically, Ask questions"
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        lmao.... sorry i just read my reply and i was talking to some1 while writing it so it didnt make the most of sense...

        i had read through some of the forum but didnt even see the power section... will definately read some more... this is a great site

        tejesh83: yah i know its been done before, def. not saying it hasnt... i just want to do it. and im not sure if i want to buy an expensive touchscreen for this... this is just going to be a little mod and i dont want to be buying too much or anything... i just wanted to see if any1 had any input on it.
        but thanks for your guys' input... and sorry for not capitalizing and using all the punctuation... im just not that kinda guy, i guess i just say whats on my mind...


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          Leave the dude alone, just coz he's newb, and you are allmighty. Everybody starts somewhere, no need to grill the dude for punctuation. I say back in your box. woof.

          He will learn in time, just as we all do. =]

          I agree with your advice, but if your on a tight budget then a cheaper 5in display with composite in will do. Most incar LCD screens will handle unregulated voltage so you can most likely take it straight of the back of the alternator (not literally).

          I find my 98 mylite setup boots in under a minute and only crashes because of a cheap IR software im using. You'll prolli find that most os's are fairly stable, Its ****ty bloatware that causes crashes, in most systems. Some OS's just handle **** software better. =]

          GL, take some picks as you go it makes for a better story. =]


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            I just pointed him the right direction. Every question he asked, I have answered in a previous post in the past or read, so I know it is on the forum and a fairly recent discussion. Heck, I may even started the thread.

            At some point, I'd to contribute an FAQ webpage with links to active discussions on the forum. I don't mind helping newbies. I was once new too, but I spent over a month lurking the forums and searching before making a post. Its just inefficient and annoying to keep seeing the same questions asked over and over.
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              I know exactly what you mean. I just think that it's best left unsaid, i mean if just don't answer or leave it to sombody else then what difference does it make in the long run. I also think that some very interesting topics arise when newbies ask questions that have been allready asked, new developments and ideas can be created. I just think that if you are sick of newbs asking repeat questions then just don't answer. They usually get the message.


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                I think there is still a misunderstanding here and I hope what you felt was not what STellY picked up. Is there a mysterious sixth sense to read sarcasm/emotion from message forum posts that I lack?

                I'm not sick of newbies questions. But instead of spoonfeeding answers and getting the same caliber questions in the future, I choose to push them in the right direction. In this case, the forums which hold the answers to the questions STellY asked but have been answered recently.

                If there weren't so many, I probably would've posted the relevant link and given a reminder to search in the future. I apologize for the confusion and if you felt that I was being rude, but this was not my intent.
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                  trust me guys... its not like i was traumatized by being picked on for being a newb in this area (which i am)

                  tejesh kinda did the right thing... i totally understand searching and all of that... and i read the forum for a bit before i posted but probably not enough :P

                  if it was just to ask these questions i wouldnt have posted TBH... the post was also kind of meant to just say hey, im starting this project... heres how im gunna do most of it, have any input on some of these parts that im not totally sure on how to do yet?

                  like that kinda thing... but it doesnt matter... i also wanted to know if anyone else has modded the palm stowaway/foldable keyboard into a USB before because thats what ill be working on soon... im gunna look for an adapter, and i think ive found one... but i may just do it myself... if i do ill even post a guide if any1 wants it...

                  but anyway... sorry for my newbish tendancies and sobil thanx for the support


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                    What's with the negativity these days?

                    So what's the deal with all the negativity in these forums these days? It nev er used to be like this.... I've been posting/reading here since the first version of, when everybody was a "newb" and nobody had an attitude problem. When did anybody here become such an expert? This is my fourth mp3car, and none of you see me talking down to anyone that may have a question or problem that seems simple to me. If you are all such amazing automotive electronics/telematics developers, why are you here instead of working for Delphi or Visteon (whom I have an internship with right now )? My point here is not to insult or degrade anyone. I'm no smarter or creative than anyone here, even being an electrical engineer. Why can we not share info, experience, ideas, and everything else that is essential to our shared yet amazingly unique hobby? A little respect for everbody would be great, guys.
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