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Laptop & Pioneer DEH-P8400MP

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  • Laptop & Pioneer DEH-P8400MP

    I am expecting a new Dell Inspiron laptop sometime within the next month. In my car I have a Pioneer DEH-P8400MP cd player. I want to connect the two. After doing research online & on the phone (calling around), I was led to the conclusion that I need the Pioneer CD-RB10 (with no changers, no XM capablities). I believe that I need to connect a RCA red/white cable from my laptop headphone port to the CD-RB10 that connects to the back of my head unit. I Don't believe my unit has an AUX IN port on it. Can someone please confirm my findings or give any suggestions/advising. ALL comments are appreciated as I attempted to teach myself how to connect the two, thank you.

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    i believe you're right. I have My pioneer 740 mp or something like that and it needs the same kind of adaptor in order to accept anything in. so it looks like i'm gonna go the same way.
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      you are correct. your deck does not have an aux. input. you will need the cd-rb10. I have one and they are cool and easy to hookup. The cd-rb10 plugs into the back of ur deck, then you just connect a RCA cable to the L and R channels. From here you will need to run the RCA cable to the laptop, which will need a Y adapter that plugs into ur laptops sound card unless it has RCA jacks on in. The Y adapter is going to be 1/4" stereo to RCA and you can get gold ones at Radio Shack for no more than $3. I did the same thing (except not a laptop) and the sound quality is amazing.
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        Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.


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          your setup is very close to what I had in my M. I was using that HU with the CD-RB10 and an XM radio tuner also from Pioneer. Eventually, I removed the HU in favor of an indash touchscreen unit, removing the XM tuner also. I like this setup better than what I had before. I've found that with the sound ported from the laptop into an EQ, that you don't need the HU at all. I don't have an FM radio anymore either but considered this a fair trade to get the touchscreen into the dash. Eventually, I will buy an XM PCR to attach to the laptop and have my XM back also.
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