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really a big noob here...many noob questions inside

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  • really a big noob here...many noob questions inside

    Hi i've been wondering what to do for my car multimedia setup..the only thing i'm sure of is that i want an lcd screen and something that uses all my speakers including my 2 10" jl audio subwoofers..this is what i have in the car as of now..:

    headunit cd\mp3 jvc (not sure of model name)
    2 sony xplod amplifiers
    2 10" jl audio
    2 6x9" ultimate
    +stock sound system (2 rear,2middle and 2 front)

    i've been lookin into maybe getting a screen and a puter in there and dropping my current headunit..will i need touch screen\keyboard and also what components will i need?

    otherwise i'll prob. go for just a screen and dvd player w\mp3 support.

    now i only have single din and no really good places to mount stuff in my car so if anybody has done a multimedia setup in a corrado before speak up

    finally i'm living in Norway so i'll do all the shopping on the net so if anybody knows of any good online stores that are reliable and have good prices tell me please

    adding a shot of my cars dash:

    all answers will be greatly appreciated

    Best regards
    Tobias eide

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    Best sites for this stuff, IMO:

    I would look into getting either an entire computer setup to go with your sound (By far coolest..) and a touchscreen LCD to go in the 1DIN slot ( has a few) OR custom mount an LCD in that place in front of your shifter.. That is where I am putting my LCD in my Jetta.

    Also, if you do computer, make sure to use a VGA LCD, so you can SEE the **** on the screen

    BTW, I like your sound system What type of amps are you running?
    1993 BMW 325is - 15.2sec


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      i got them with the car(the amp's and 6x9" 's)

      sony x-plod xm-1002HX for the jl audio 10" 's
      sony x-plod xm-255EX for the 6x9" ultimate's

      ultimate-4ohm-200W-PS6940 x2

      JVC-SX990-200W (mp3\cd-player)

      i also have a sony cdx-l380x lying around(cd-player).

      What i'm basically looking for is a setup for under $1k if i can sell either 1 or both my current headunits

      or ca.500$ or under if i have to keep one of them

      +i want sound for all my speakers and i really want a screen ...

      in-dash with puter in the trunk sound's sweet that way i don't have to cut into my precious dash

      oh and will any slim line dvd\cd-rw work with a
      IA EPIA M10000 Nehemiah Mainboard \Travla c134 mini-ITX EPIA case setup?
      like this f.ex:

      BTW: do i need to change the topic of this thread(not descriptive enough) or if i'm doing any no-no's please tell me i'm totally new here

      Best regards