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Hookng up Speakers newb needs help!

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  • Hookng up Speakers newb needs help!

    hey im just startn to get into puttn a computer into my car, and my knowlege of computers is very strong, but i know very little about car audio. Is there any way i can have a tutorial on how to do it? like i know NOTHING. Literally, you would have to spell out the name of some amplifier. Im hoping its something like a USB perferial that you can plug into your computer and then hook the car stereo into. Im getting an alpine sound system soon, and hopefully i can find a way to hook the alpine amplifier into the computer, but i need some serious help. Anybody please help!

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    more info

    I have a mac by the way if it makes a difference! Thanks again!


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      When u get the Alpine make sure it has LINE IN plugs on it. Then conecting the PC to the Car Stereo is only a matter of pluging the Line out or Audio out on your sound card into the Line In on the Stereo with a simple cord avalible at pretty much any place that sells audio gear!


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        what about an amp?

        hey so does the line out from the sound card go into the amp or whatever? seriously i know NOTHING about car audio, and i dont even know what amps are for beside pumping the volume higher. I basically think that the line out goes out, and into the amp, and the speakers (is there a limit to how many i can hook up into an amp?) hook into the amp. Am I right at all with this assumption?\


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          for four speakers (2 front and 2 back) you need a 4 channel amp to get started. The easiest way would to get a "RCA to 1/8" stereo cable", and hook one end into where your speakers would usually be plugged in and the other end into the input of the amp (RCA).

          Or if you dont want to get an amp you can use a head unit, if you are getting or have an alpine one chances are it may have the "aux input" option which will allow you to plug the cord into it from the computer via the 1/8 to RCA cable. no need for an amp.

          This should give you an idea................i hope.
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