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Trust those who know best

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  • Trust those who know best

    As a new member I should have taken heed to my subject header

    1st Buy from a known source
    I did not bought from the guy selling the Lilliput 7” touchscreen vga monitor on ebay

    2nd Buy the touchscreen version
    I did not he had no touchscreen versions in stock ( would have to wait to the 9th Oct for stock to arrive ) so I bought the non-touchscreen version because his e-mail said he had those in stock.
    Got e-mail from his shipping agents they have no stock I will have to wait to the 9th Oct

    In future I promise to take the advise of the experts in this forum (well some of it anyway LOL)

    Thanks for all the advice anyway and keep up the good work

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    yeah you need the touch screen, dont settle for anything less. It really helps

    Subject open, Subject closed.