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Newbie questions PT II...system proposal, etc...(SECOND post)

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  • Newbie questions PT II...system proposal, etc...(SECOND post)

    Hey all, here's an idea I've got brewing...And thanks for all the great ideas in my first post. has the Shuttle SK41G for $160. This included a 266a chipset, onboard graphics, a 200 watt PS and sound, etc...everything should be there.

    Now, on top of that, I'll need a power invertor...

    I found this for $56 at

    As to a screen...well, i'm not sure...I'd like about a 10 inch VGA, but haven'
    t found exactly what i want...

    And of course, I'd like to find a nice DVD/CDRW slot load drive (burning discs on the fly seems like sweet action!)

    I have a 40 GB WD SE HD at home which I'll throw in the system for storage, then I think I just need to worry about input, a nice 4 channel amp and focal speakers all around...I don't think I'll worry about surround sound for now, just some nice 2 channel audio is all i need for the moment.

    Oh yeah, and for a processor I'm thinking like a nice cheap 1500+ or so...

    Think that'll work? Am I forgetting anything important?

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    yes, i recommend a dc-dc psu, but it will be spendy. mabe you should look into at least a shutdown controller, they are nice.
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