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How to wire a laptop lcd to vga cord?

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  • How to wire a laptop lcd to vga cord?

    I want to build a custom dash for my '91 Awd talon that will contain a lcd monitor off of a laptop. I work at a family owned computer store so I have access to what ever I need. I want to figure out how I can wire the lcd to a cord that will then plug into a motherboard. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate any info. Thanks, Matt.

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    And if you find out post away. This has been asked a million times before, and NO-ONE has had a desent response, not that I have read anyway. The option you are presenting is a extremely hard one.

    But if you find any info on this, make sure you share it.
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      yeah, mine is the same, old school (early 90's) ibm screen with no specs at all on it. just 4 wires (prob. lights) and a bunch pf pin connects.
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        You will need to find out what kind (model #) LCD panel you have. Then you will need to get a compatible controller for it. Then you need the pin outs...then you start wiring....

        or you can just buy one already set up!

        pm me...


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          haha bosstone you know how to market yourself
          a controller card is expensive, and you might not get it to work anyway.
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