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First attempt - need some advice

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  • First attempt - need some advice

    I have wanted to install a PC in my car for a couple of years now, but have never got round to doing it...but now i'm going for it.

    I have literally hundreds of 'normal' PC components lying round my house, so i want to use as much of this as possible.

    This is what i have got setup and working on the desk, would i have any problems installing this lot?

    Pentium II 300mhz CPU on ATX motherboard
    256mb ram
    20gb H-Drive (standard size)
    DVD-rom drive (standard size)
    16mb Graphics card
    300w PSU (standard PC power supply)
    Remote control unit

    room isnt a problem, nor is cooling as i'm from the UK. (a couple of well placed fans should be sufficient)

    Could i use a 300w inverter just for now?...what problems would i get.

    I havent got a screen yet, but before spending some cash, i was wondering if i could get it setup in the car without a screen.

    I have currently got it set up (on the bench), so when the computer boots up, it automatically starts Winamp, then i can use the remote to switch between pre-setup playlists & tracks.

    I only want to really use it for playing MP3's for now, and upgrade it to DVD's at a later date.

    Thanks in advance for the advice

    Darren (UK)

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    I cant see any real problem you might run into.

    Sure you can boot up without screen, not so sure if you can always control it nicely without the visual feedback, locks up, delay and so on. Try it indoors and see how it goes.

    The other thing is mounting the desktop securely since they are heavy, Im sure you can manage that. Put some thick rubber gromets through the bolts, thats should help reduce the shocks


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      The only thing wrong with that setup is that you wont be able to troubleshoot if something goes wrong and you have no screen. Of course, you can always just reboot, and if that doesnt work, you can live without music till you get home. Make sure you have some way of debugging before you go on a road trip.
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        Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

        As you have both said, without a screen the system will be hard to use, especially if i get lock ups...I have tried this several times on a bench and have found i could reboot easy enough and if that didnt work i could just use my standard Head-unit until i get home (my average journey is only 20 mins).

        I was going to use my versitile link (on my Apline 7873r) to get the sound control through my head-unit...has anyone tried this?

        I also have a broken laptop...has anyone tried wiring up a laptop screen to use on a standard PC? (its similar to the link below)

        Again, all feedback is appreciated

        Darren (UK)


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          I was having screen wiring for about 6 months I had little or no display.

          I had winamp auto run on startup, with a resumer and auto play program.

          I had one button on the keyboard to go to next song, one button that shut down the entire system.

          It also has wireless networking with TightVNC. so I can remotely administer it should winamp flake out (seemed to lose the playlist every month)

          So anyway, other than indicators showing it was on, other than that I used it without display.

          It is MUCH easier with a display though.
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            Look around online i dont remeber where i saw it but they have displays that fit i a computer 5 1/4 slot that you can program to show you what song is playing on your computer so you could see if it is working it ran about 100