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Most common screen resolution?

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  • Most common screen resolution?

    Curiosity question:

    What is the most common screen resolution you guys are running on your LCD screens?

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    depends on the vga of screen, vga vs composite and 16:9 vs 4:3

    when i was on a composite 4:3 screen I used 640x480

    now i'm on a vga and run 900x504 or something like that
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      VGA, running 1024x768 because it looks better then the 16:9 that my 700TS should use.. But it means that everything is streached funny I need to figure out how to get it working and looking good (READABLE) at a 16:9 res..
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        640x480, I am forced to use it due to my screen, but I am quite happy with it, even movies still look great on it.
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          640 X 480....old eyes.
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            1000x600 w/ big fonts, big mouse ptrs, big icons, etc.
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