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  • Criticize my plan.

    Ok I'm extremely new to the idea of doing this and was shocked to find a forum about it... since I found it I've done a bit of research, but my options seem so varied, that I'm not sure if what I plan to do has any major drawbacks I Should be aware of, etc.

    I play to use one of the Via 1GHz Machines with the Opussolutions case & PSU rig, which I figure will save me a considerable amount of hassle trying to rig something up myself (I was quite enthusiastic when I found Opus!)

    My first question is the LCD, I"m not sure what all of my options are, but I intent to use the carputer as a fully-qualified linux desktop from time to time, so I'm guessing it has to be VGA, (not sure if they make other connectors like USB, or serial, but VGA is likely what I want) can anyone recommend a good source for pricing these things online? I haven't been able to find anything.

    What I plan to do is run a USB Cable to the front of the car with USB Hub on it, (removed from the casing and nicely mounted into the console some how) to which I could attach a sort or control panel that I intend to build from an old USB Gamepad. has anyone written linux software to be operated by a gamepad? also I'd like to use a USB CD-RW/DVD Drive and mount it right near there too. the extra ports on the hub would be for optional keyb/mouse/whatever.

    is there any kind of pre-fab mounting... things... for the centre console of the car for buttons, drives etc?

    now onto the software, I'm a bit of a programmer myself so if something doesn't exist to exactly suit my needs, I'll have to hack together something myself... its going to be linux based, and I'll take care of getting all the hardware to work, but what I want is a nice menu driven frontend to an mp3 player, video player, that will operate by way of a USB Gamepad. I think freevo has a decent menu driven thing, but i'm not sure if its internals are modular enough to rip out all the TV Crap and add in support for divx/mp3 etc.

    What i'm really looking for at this point in time, I suppose, is links to comparisons of the most common LCDs, and available software.. they're difficult to find.

    Thanks for your time,

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    heres are some good links for questions you asked:

    search eBay for "xenarc" or "lilliput"

    Linux stuff:
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