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how do i get started????????

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  • how do i get started????????

    first of all i would like to now what i need to get started hardware and software.
    if i have a home computer how do i connect that in the car and make it work as a mp3 and divx player.
    -were do i pulg in the power cable????
    -do i have to use a mouse and keyboard or does a touch screen resolve that???

    im not into technical stuf so use normal laungage and if ur naming a hardware and describing stuff can u also show a photo if possible.
    if there is a webs site where it show detail by detail from begining to the end on how to make and install a carputer let me now it will be easier

    guys thanks and godbless

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    Welcome to the forums and be prepared to read read read. This is what you should do second.
    The first thing you should do is figure out how much you want to spend and what you want to do with your carputer. All the different areas of the forum are seperated for you to make SEARCHING more easy. In fact your two questions are answered many times over in the diferent forum areas. For the "were do i pulg in the power cable????" question look in the power supply section. You could use an inverter or another solution like an Opus. The second question could be answered in the input devices and/or lcd screen section.

    Once again welcome and good luck.
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      All these questions have exsisting answers in the rest of the forum. Posts like this wouldnt ncessesary if you too the initiative on your own :} Plus any particular guide wouldnt be really helpful. Some people like pentiums, or athlons in their computers run with their barbaric inverters. The rest of us prefer the via c3 cpu with the sleak dc-dc power supply. It depends on your price range and what youre looking for.


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        Yep- just keep readin'. Also, check out the 'Show off your projects' thread- it's very useful- there'll be images of installs etc, and usually follows with questions and answers regarding the project.
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          wow I remember back when I asked my guy all the same questions, dc-dc what?, touchscreen really?, why would I use a notebook HD?....

          read,read, read and read some'll find out all the answers you need
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            Originally posted by Defiler
            The first thing you should do is figure out how much you want to spend and what you want to do with your carputer.
            and multiply that by 3. that's the total cost
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              thanks guys and ill do alot of reading