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mini-itx mother boards.

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  • mini-itx mother boards.

    hello all , i'm new to the forum.

    i was wondering if anyone has used mini-itx in their set-up. i was looking to use that since its small and has network/graphics/and sound.

    thanks in advance.

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    Most people use VIA ITX boards.


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      the epia you want at this current moment is the 1ghz Nehemiah. watch out for imposters though, thems called ezra. there was a spec change during the middle of production (thats smart, aint it) and any board made after march 2003 is the new update nehemiah core.


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        I don't have on in my truck...yet...but I am running one at home set up like it would be in the truck...minus VGA display.

        I have the Nehemiah board, 256M ram, 7200rpm laptop HD, Slim-Slotload DVD Rom. (And an ATI card that games ok...but I don't know if I would put it in the vehicle.)

        It all runs off a PW-70 power supply that takes (of course) 12vdc input at about 7 amps.

        Right now it is my main bigger/faster one is constantly being used to crunch video.

        My whole setup was about $250 or so. Add a nice VGA screen and you are set. I have not yet found a Divx it wouldn't play perfectly...of course it easily plays regular DVDs or DVD-Rs.

        my 2c.
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