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PC Control Help/Idea's please...

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  • PC Control Help/Idea's please...

    I was wondering how you guys/gals control your incar PC systems.

    I wont be running with a screen (I havent got enough cash at the moment).

    At the moment i have my system set up on a bench, i have experimented with voice control software, but find the when the music is playing the mic picks it up too easy, and starts doing random

    I want to avoid the clutter of a mouse and keyboard up front... (and without a screen it will be difficult to use anyway.

    I was wondering if you can program joypads, to perform commands (i will only be using winamp for the moment), i was thinking along the lines of removing the buttons from the joypad and mounting them in the dash to keep it neat. (probably the playstation style cos of the triangle (play), square (stop), cross (close), circle (pause). Right (next track), left (prev track))

    I am running 350mhz on small motherboard, 128mb ram, 32mb g/card, 20gb HDD with Win '98 lite.



  • #2 has a mini rf remote, im waiting for mine to come in, cause smilk is lazy. (and worthless). From what it seems, it seems like a smaller remote wonder, but the nav buttons are a little more clear cut (any one with a remote wonder can tell you of the annoying diag pad). Its also x10 compatible or whatever, so you can easily get a girder plugin ( to have it control the way you want. It seems like a good buy, check it out.


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      What about X10 remotes? I have 4 different remotes and I also have the X10 FireCracker module. Anyone control winamp through these?
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      • #4 grab girder, grab the x10 control plugin. Bind the buttons to keypresses to winamp. Easy and simple.