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Good Monitor???????

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  • Good Monitor???????
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    Please be a little more descriptive with your questions...

    What do you want to use it for? Where will it be? What application will be used with it? What power source will be used with it?

    But to answer the question it looks like a decent LCD...
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      well, if nothing else, it's pretty damn cheap for a 19" LCD
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        Never buy from Tiger Direct. They have a terrible customer satisfaction track record. I reccomend checking out some of the horror stories about them from I suspect that they might have been padding those numbers there too. Take a look at the older comments, almost all of them are negative.

        I agree with Defiler. Specifics please! In the subject of your post and the body. It will make people far more likely to look at, and respond to, your posts.
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          I aggree with fluffy. I heard too many bad things about tiger direct.