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First Post: To get Touchscreen or Not?

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  • First Post: To get Touchscreen or Not?

    Hi guys and gals,

    I wanted to get a few questions answered before buying a screen for my mobile PC.

    I'm looking at running Linux on a small PC in my Durango.
    I'm interested in the 7" Lilliput and Xenarc displays. Right now Xenarc is looking the best as I can't seem to find anyone that has the Lilliputs in stock.

    I need a VGA capable LCD and I would "like" to have one that has composite inputs although this is not a major concern at this time.

    One thing that is; whether to get one that is Touchscreen enabled (refered to from here out as "TS").

    How practical is it to have a touchscreen? Do the folks here that have them really use the touch capability all the time or do most still find themselves using another input device for navigation through their OS?

    Have folks running Linux had any issues with these USB TS's? If so, what kind?
    Is the picture quality any worse with a TS display? I have seen pics here of several TS enabled LCD's and it seems that they have a certain "white glare" to them. Is this a factor to those that own them? Are they harder to read in the daytime?

    Basically, I'm just wanting to know, IYHO which is the best route to go. Money isn't really a factor. I'd be just as happy to plop down the bones for a TS enabled LCD as I would saving some money by passing over the TS screens, if the non-TS screen is really more practical and has better picture quality.

    I appreciate any responses,

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    I find without the TS working on my Xenarc display, it is a lot more difficult. I also however do have an IR remote with an IRMAN which I use alongside the TS.

    The majority of my inputs are from TS, it is much easier for me with on-screen keyboards etc for Destinator, and also for browsing through music to load.

    The IR remote is useful for if i'm standing outside the car (and that freaks people out who are nearby when the volume or song changes ).

    With a TS, it is basically adding a layer of glass on top of the display, which can cause glare/reflections. Most people find that a slight tint to their front windows is enough to stop most of the glare. Sometimes when the sun is directly on it, it's a little difficult to read in my experience, but I don't have tinted windows...yet! (my white car with black tinted windows will look pimpin )

    If you are going to be only using it for music/videos, then you could get away with only a ir (or rf) remote, however if you are using GPS, such as Destinator, which is designed for TS use, then getting a TS will be better. I always had intentions of using mine for GPS, and once I saw Destinator, and how well it worked with TS, then I had to get a TS display

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      I decided to pull the trigger on the high end Xenarc VGA 7" with USB touchscreen and aux inputs.

      Had there been a Lilliput that I could have trusted anywhere, I may have gone for one of them.

      Also, looking at the Xenarc site, they have drivers for Linux for the touchscreen. Pretty neato. Will get it on Monday. Hopefully it will be bright enough to see in daylight with perhaps the sunroof open. If not, I'll rig something to shield it from direct sunlight.