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    Well i have read probably every thread on this board... im a college student on a very tight budget... so what would you recommend getting first... LCD or PC.. or maybe something else all together... i am starting this Car PC project because i am tired of my head unit trying to eat my cd's.... plus i have a very "bassy" system and when a cd has a few scrtches on it it will skip alot.... i figure w/ MP# that will not be an issue... i'm looking forward to your answers...



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    Here is what I did. Make a list of what you'd want your system to do and what type of hardware you want to through at it. Then add up the cost of all the parts and see if your still in your budget. Then add about 10% on to that for items you forgot.

    A mp3car setup will run a min of $400 i'd say
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      Without the pc, my lcd would be worthless. So im getting my pc first and hooking it up to my tv until i get the rest of my components (LCD touchscreen is driving my project above 1k$USD =P). Depending on your setup, Car PCs can have other purposes dont forget. When traveling its like having a mobile jukebox/movie library if you were to visit boring relatives. Cheers.


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        I would say PC first. Then screen.
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          ok next question how do i controll the PC in my car without a screen


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            Originally posted by Cryogen-x
            ok next question how do i controll the PC in my car without a screen

            I use a combination of Zen and luck.

            or just put winamp in the startup menu, with an auto resumer plugin.
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              A cheaper solution then getting an LCD video screen is to just get a character LCD screen. There are winamp plugins that let you select play lists from LCD screens an play tracks, etc. Character LCDs used to be more popular for mp3car systems then they are now, because video lcds used to be much harder to find. most new projects use video screens, but if you look for old ones, you should be able to find some with character screens.
              Here are two popular companies for Character LCDs:

              You can also get generic screens from various electronic suppliers, although you need to wire them up yourself, they can be much cheaper.
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