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Opus connected to Cig lighter..

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  • Opus connected to Cig lighter..

    Would it be advisable/possible to connect the Opus power supply to the cig lighter or the line to the cig lighter? Or would it be better to use one of the power supplies from with their ITPS? The reason I ask is becuase the location where I will be setting up the system has already a cig lighter/power connection. I'd rather use that than running a new cable to the battery..

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    It is a matter of preference, but it my opinion the Cigarrette lighter option is the lazy / easy way out. Also it looks kind of cheesy. I suggest you take the extra time and run a wire, but hey thats just my $0.02.
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      I think you better off run at least 8GA wire to the PSU instead of using the cig lighter.
      One of the reason is that most/all cars cut power to the cig lighter during cranking unless your car is different.
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        MeanGT: Yes and No. The location where I'm going to put it was actually designed for other electrical devices. My car has 3 outlets, I just didnt know how else to call it =P. I just want it to look neat and clean. Under the center console covered by the armrest.

        MatrixPC: You're probably right, so I'm going to check it tommorrow with my phone charger. It should tell me when it turns off and if it cuts out during cranking.


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          do yourself a huge favor and go buy a $12 multimeter and use that to test instead...if you're doing a custom wired computer without a multimeter you're either brave, ignorant, or stupid.
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