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Questions on software (and other stuff, LONG)

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  • Questions on software (and other stuff, LONG)

    I am awaiting my PC XM Radio module right now. I am planning on programming a custom program so that I can build one program that controls XM radio, MP3 playback and CD Playback.

    First two questions:
    1. Is there a TV/AM/FM card out there that allows you to create custom software to control it's functions?

    2. Same as above only for the GPS.

    I would like to create a program designed with big buttons along the top (easy to push on touch screen), instead of trying to load different programs while going down the road.

    I know I will be good with the XM/CD/MP3 part of it, which are the three most important parts anyway (the most important 3 for me), even if I can't add GPS and FM without being forced to use off the shelf software.

    Question: I am new at this, so if anyone would mind explaining which operating systems are most popular, and how they handle powering the PC's in the cars.

    Question: Anyone know how long will a small VIA Mini-ITX system run off the battery if the harddrive and monitor is powered down?

    I was thinking of making a device so when you shut the car off, the pc continues to run (minus the LCD and hard drive still running), then after ohh 45 minutes or so, it puts the system in sleep or hibernate or ??? (not sure which would be best) for a set amount of time, I am thinking something like 32 hours. Then after the 32 or so hours is up it would automatically shut down the PC so it's actually totally off. So if I run in the store for a something, I come back out, start my car and im ready to go. If I get off work, start up the next day, I only have to wait for it to come out of whatever power savings mode it's in. If my car sits for more then a couple of days, then I will need to wait for it to boot completely up.

    Question: Has anyone done anything like I have listed in the above paragraph?

    One more thing I wanted to program was so when you entered a CD into the CD-ROM for the first time, it will automatically try to rip it as you listen to it, and then as soon as you drive close to WIFI, it will download all the possible info for that cd, if there is only one choice, it will automatically go through and rename all the mp3s, if there is more then one choice it will pop up a little box or something asking you which you would like to use.

    Great way to copy friends cd's automatically (and they wouldint even notice. I have many many ideas for this install I am doing, I am just not sure what is possible and what isn't possible.

    Oh yeah, one last thing I was going to do Keyless entry (I hit the button on my alart remote). I get in, touch the LCD screen, I press a button on the touch screen, and the car starts (with option to arm it with a code, so you have to punch in a code before you can start the car I am also wanting to get some relays controlled by a PCI board and create a custom heating/AC program for my truck. (I would of course have a hidden panel that I could touch and allow me to start the truck or mess with the heating controlls in case the computer is crashed, OS locked up, battery dead, ect...)

    Thanks for the help, I await your replies.

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    I say this is outside the scope of newbie...good job posting here first, I ilke to see people err on the side of caution, but I'd pm a mod and see if they can move it to 'software'...good luck.
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