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  • some newbie questions

    looked around at a lot of the other noobie posts and didnt get too many answers to any of my questions, so here are a few:

    all i really want to use the carputer for is mp3, mpg, and dvd... maybe eventually gps, so is it possible to move my stock head unit to the glovebox or something and use that for radio and the cd changer. i just think waiting 45sec-1min boot time just to listen to the radio then shut it back down if im only in the car for 5 minutes, but on the other hand would be great to have a huge mp3 playlist for long road trips. I also plan on having a camera mounted in the lower front grill somewhere for driving, but dont want to run that thru a comp rather just be able to switch channels and have it go straight to the lcd then just mount some kind of small vid recorder somewhere in the car. so what do i need to be able to switch the screen from the computer to the camera ? rip this idea up if its dumb and doesnt make any sense, but i'd like to be able to switch between cd player and computer. thanks

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    your idea arnt dumb
    just a little under devloped which is expected

    the whole thing with the cam interest me...
    bug? how do you overcome bug protection?

    now for a switch between the cam and the computer... there are a few ways around it
    Get a tv/in card and just have it show up in your computer (Pimp) rig up some sort of switch and use that (ghetto)

    Switching between the cd player and computer is a no brianer. just use your head unit... Since its a stock unit (you should do something about that holmes) an Fm modulator would be the best soluntion if your attachted to the unit (I wouldnt be)

    The answers are there grasshopper it just takes a little grey matter to figure out the question.... (meaning the answers are there you just have to think about it)
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      bug protection/weatherproofing isnt too big a deal, build a little housing for the camera and screw a thin peice of acrylic or plexiglass so it can be wiped down, have a friend who has that setup on his spec racer. just use glass cleaner on the acrylic, and there are also weatherproof cams that come with their own casing.

      find this on another audi seems as if he doesnt have any kind of lcd setup, just records straight to video:
      has some vids that seem to do real nicely, one is in the rain even.


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        Lets see....your setup is very similar to what I'd like mine to be eventually.

        I have my head unit in my glove box, and a screen in my that's working just fine for me. I can listen to my radio or a CD, or switch it to aux-in and listen to the computer.

        for your camera itself, have you looked at

        If you put a little video recorder someplace, I'd just install a 'ghetto' $10 RCA switch to switch it to your camera...probably what I will do if I can't find a good high-framerate digital solution to the same problem.
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