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    Ok, so I am one of these long time lurkers, but I came across something today that I thought I would post and get some feedback on.

    I am planning to put together a carputer for my Expedition. While I am certainly not lacking for space, I would prefer to hide as much of the hardware as possible.

    After looking at equipment and costs out there currently (*shudder* $600 for a display!!) I came across a setup that might work really well for those not looking to do dvd playback...

    Consider / comment on the following...

    for the system...

    for the display...

    Now, again, this would not be for DVD viewing, I have a player / tv in the Expy already. Here is what I am thinking:

    A copy of XP or NT2k on the E-Vectra, with remote support enabled (RDP), and an RDP client on the handheld. I get sound from the PC, navigation from the PC, and a touch screen from the handheld. With a PCMCIA ethernet card in the handheld and a null ethernet cable, I network the two together.

    Seems simple enough. Fitting a nav display on the handheld may be tough, but I think I can work something out for that.


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    Or possibly this for the control unit...