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Newbie and my questions.

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  • Newbie and my questions.

    First Off I am a New Jack and I found this website and have spent a couple of days reading post, etc... blah blah blah

    Well I believe that I can do this and I now have a new project. I have an 88 CRX I have long wanted a MP3, DVD syst in my ride. I build CPU's in my spare time for friends and fam. Anyways...

    I want a Windows Xp powered, Pentium 3, 256mb ram, 650 mhz system (cause thats what I have laying around but I am not set on that cause I do have some size issues) I already have a dvd drive, a eide hd, I have fans, I have a Sony Xplod CDX-M630 in my vehicle it has an auxiliary input. I read it was possible to hook up Carputer this way. I am unsure about the hook up of a monitor though. I know I want to be able to hide the monitor when not in use preferably under or above my current in dashed receiver. I would like to mount the CPU under the passenger seat(not in set in stone either can put it anywhere). I saw someone used a cash box I like that.

    Any recomendations on screens? I am unsure how to start? Which power supply do I use and how do I hook it up? What sound card should I use? What video card should I use, the board I have has an MGA G2 which works well. Should I be searching for a smaller MoBo? If so what options do I have? And last but not least How do I hook it all in.

    Thanks and sorry if this all sounds like dumb S__t Im just asking for guidance from the expierienced.

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    Screen : Many people seem to have good experiences with Lilliput (a good value screen). VGA screen for better quality, at higher cost (look for dscustoms).
    Power Supply : Opus (or conventional ATX PSU + inverter for the cheap solution).
    Sound Card : Extigy (or whatever you like).
    Video Card : Something with TV out to drive the screen in you have a composite screen.
    Mobo : If you want a smaller mobo, go get one, if you don't, then don't. The choice is yours. Personally, I got a small one (well it was small when I got it over 4 years ago).

    Build the system, hook the power up to your battery. Hook the ignition sense from the Opus startup controller to an iginition line. Hook the TV out from you graphics card to the screen. Power from the power supply to your screen, and lineout from your sound card to the aux-in on your headunit or amp.

    Install your software, load your tunes, figure out a control method (keyboard, touch screen, IR remote, etc), and off you go.

    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      What I have decided

      Power Supply : I have decided on a mATX PSU + inverter
      I bought a Mini-itx motherboard it kinda solved the tv out and a sized down unit. I scratched the other idea.

      How do I hookup the lineout from your sound card to the aux-in on my headunit? Is there a special wire hookup? Where can I get it.