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    I've always wanted to put a computer in my truck. Even before I could drive I dreamed of doing it after seeing Aaron's website. So....

    Last night I was thinking. I had a laptop that I don't use (battery is shot and rather expensive to replace). I knew I wanted an LCD screen for the dash which the laptop could supply. Then I got thinking...why not use the whole laptop?

    Today I pulled out the screwdriver and tore the thing apart completely. I was amazed at the size of the hard drive and motherboard (I had never seen one before from a laptop before!). I plugged everything together while laying on my bench and it still worked (yay! I didn't kill it!).

    So here's my plan:

    1. Mount the LCD in the dash (nice big 12 inches of LCD goodness)
    2. Mount motherboard behind screen.
    3. Connect small keyboard and touch pad mouse (from laptop)
    4. Connect line out to 4 channel amp for speakers.
    5. Make power supply for 19V @ 3.2A.

    I can't imagine why this won't work, in fact I can invision the final project in my head.

    1. Simple to power (one voltage).
    2. Use an existing system so you know everything will work together.
    3. Small (everything will fit in the dash)

    1. Limited to onboard sound (unless you were to get USB sound or something)
    2. Only way to upgrade is replace the whole system.

    Specs of laptop:
    AMD K6 266MHz
    32 MB RAM (soon to be upgraded)
    4 GB HDD (soon to be upgraded)
    12.1" screen

    1995 S10
    80k miles
    reg cab

    Current system:
    CD player (brand unknown)
    4x6" Alpine Type-R in dash
    6.5" Alpine Type-R in doors
    2x 8" sub behind each seat pushed by a 35x2 Pioneer amp

    comments? suggestions? flames?

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