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    I am Tom from Germany and i hope my english is good enough to get some Help from you.
    I am no PC-Freak ore Crack, I am an Car-Mechanik and normally are monting Car-Navigation-Systems (like Becker, Blaupunkt, VDO-Dayton an so on).

    One Week ago I startet to create a car computer for my Volkswagen Camper.
    I bought an Lexware Booksize PC with the CV860B Board and WLan and an Xenarc 7' Touchsreen 700TSV.
    Mounting the System and connecting it to an Nokia 6310i/Dabedorf Audio3000 was no Problem
    Also connecting the Xenarc my existing VDO-Dayton MS5500 Navigation-System was done quick.
    But now I am looking for an Possibility to switch the Lexware on and off with the ignition of my car.
    Here in Germany, I found the "ITPS-Auto Power Sequencer and Dropout Regulator" wich should be abel to switch of and on an PC. But now I have an Problem to connect these ITPS to my CV860B-Board.
    The Description of the ITPS tells me to connect it with an small two-PIN Connector on the Board for switching on/off. But i can not find such an Connector, the normal switch for manuell On/OFF soldered to the Board and also can not be taken of.
    I hope now sobody here can be so kind and explain to me how i can connect the ITPS to my CV860B Board that it will be shut down when I turn off Ignition and Boot when I turn Ignition on.
    I Do not mean the connection to the Car, that's no Problem, I only need the Connection to the Board.


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    You should be able to...

    1. solder two wires on where the power switch solders on...either on top, or below.

    2. desolder the power switch and solder the power wires in its place.

    The problem is...that ITPS is designed for an atx power short the wires (hit the switch)(momentary switch) and it sends a shutdown command to the computer. If yours has a momentary switch to send the shutdown command then it will work.

    If yours has some kind of push-on/push-off, rocker, or slide switch then it won't work.

    Post a picture of the offending motherboard and I'll take a look.
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      you could also strip the wires for the switch down and use a setup like this to turn it on and off
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      audigy2 NX == done
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        thanks for your answers.
        I had a lot of work around Xmas (carnavi gets more an more hipp in germany), but now i have little bit more time to build my car-pc.

        I stripped the PC and at the backside of the board i found 5 soldering-points which connect the switch to the board. 3 points are in one line, at one of these points (the inner one) i found 3,2Volts. at the 2 other points i font no Voltage, i think they are only for fixing the switch on the board bacause i cant see any connection of these points in the lay-out. the other 2 Points (wich are not in the line) are connectet to ground.
        When i push the switch the point with the 3,2V falls down near to 0V. I think the switch will make a puldown to ground. Now i solder one cabel to the Point with the 3,2V and one cable to Ground and connectet them with the swicht-circuit oft the ITPS
        When i switch the ignition-cabel of the ITPS on 12V the PC boots and when i switch it of the PC shuts down totally correct.
        Next days i take a digi-cam, make a picture of the board and the cable and load it up.
        In next step i will try to get a shorter boot-time, perhaps with booting from CF-Card. any idear for this ??



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          my idea: dont bother, use hibernation
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            here ist the picture of the ITPS-Connection to the CV860B-Board, perhaps it could be usefull for somebody else.