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Need help with this setup...Mainly Power

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  • Need help with this setup...Mainly Power

    I'm doing a rather in-depth install in my car...

    The idea is to have a laptop (easily removable via docking station) in the trunk connected to a 7" Lilliput Touchscreen in the dash. The laptop will give me GPS/MP3/DVD/GAME/PORN capabilities.

    It will also be able to interface directly with a camcorder mounted under the passenger headrest via a IEEE 1394 cable.

    I've installed a WiFi router in my house so I can dump movies/music/whatever to my carputer when I pull into the driveway (or any wifi spot for that matter,) and have also received my cell phone usb cable to connect to the web from anywhere (online reservations/movie times/email/whatever)

    I'm still waiting on the screen and gps receiver to arrive before I go fully gung ho on this project. In the meantime a friend and I have begun coding the interface for WinXP. I may start with Media Engine until it's finished.

    My main questions are:

    A) How do I go about safely shutting down the PC when the car is turned off and rebooting when car is started?

    B) Will the laptop drain too much power when the car is off and flatten my battery? (My car's accessories stay on when car is off)

    So I'll post pics as the project moves along. Any insight on anything would be greatly appreciated.

    Wish me luck!

    P.S. Sorry the images are crappy..they were taken from a cell phone.



    hard drive


    camera mount