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    Hey guys just joined the forum and lookin for soem guidance. I've been thinkin about a carputer for soem time now but im actually putting it together and thought i'd be good if i got some help to make sure i don'tw aste time or money. this is my plan

    7 in in Dash LCD screen ( i kno RCA, but im not concerned or wealthy enough to worry about perfect quality)
    Celeron 1.7GHz mPGA
    256 RAM
    External DVDROM USB 2
    OPUS power supply? possibly resorting to power inverter cuz of money
    5 gb HD i will only have audio files and software it seems, all other media will put through external dvd rom

    its all just gunna go into a tower in my truck, two issues tho. One is the shock resistance, i heard different people say shock doesn't effect the hd which i feel is believable considering there isn't all that much bumpage unless u drive like a maniac, i got 18s anyway i avoid bumps. Second is heat, im not sure whether i'll need an extra fan or what? please help me out and add any ideas or give comments, its all welcome. thx
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    One thing about heat is true. In summer, in Chicago, IL, it gets really hot. What I recommand is to see if you can find a much slower processor. I personally have a VIA C3 900 and 1G machines. Why? VIA 1G when powered up will only produce 18W of heat where else P3 of the same speed will make about 55W. That's a big number so if you are using the Celeron you may want to cool it down a little or make it open so that you have enough air circulating. Remember that your trunk gets hot as well.

    Apart from that I think you have it set.
    - Lwin M. Maung
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      5 gigs is pretty small...I'm running on a 5 gig temporarily and can only fit like 1/6th of my music on it. The way i did the install it only had 2 gigs or so for actual music files, after operating system and my hibernate swap file...i was surprised. I'd try to pick up at least a 10 gig unless your music collection is positively anemic.
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        yea im still trying to figure out the heat situation, i'll look into your advice, thx. As for the hard drive im also trying to find a new one that is bigger which shouldn't be a problem, im just trying to determine what is worth the money and what i can deal with

        One more thing to add, if anyone has any other ideas for processors and USB 2 compatible motherboards that would help. Im looking to get good quality products but im not lookin to spend more than 100 for both........any ideas????
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          I use the bigger hard drive more than the screen.
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            get a block of dry ice for your cooling problems

            I did... no thats a lie... I dont even have a project... Im just here to feel needed...
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...