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  • Revised Project Plan

    Alright well i scratched the tower idea and im planning to make a smaller carputer which will either be in the dash or under one of my seats. Anyway, im looking for some input on what i should do because im not exactly mr. computer tech but i have been reading all i can and learning as much as i can, i can still use some help tho.

    I plan on placing a custom enclosure in my 98 civic behind where the compartment above the cupholder is and i will take out the compartment and put the dvd rom there, im not sure its all gunna fit, the hard drive is a normal comptuer hard drive not a laptop, but that is the plan.

    Im not sure what the minimal computer parts i need for the carputer to do what i want. I want to be able to play dvds, divx, mp3s and cds with a visualization program (probably winamp). Im choosing an opus because its better than an inverter obviously and i want the computer to be in hibernate when i turn it off. Its a basic idea im not looking for gps or internet or anything else. So can anyone tell me if im off on the parts i plan on getting for christmas .

    EPIA m-10000 (does this work with composite?)
    256 ram? what would u suggest for what i want (what kind works well with the motherboard? does it matter?)
    10gb ibm HD
    7" In Dash LCD monitor (RCA) (i wanted a lilyput but i heard there are many complications often times and i don't have the money to worry about a screw up, unless there is somethin im missing that isn't over 300?)
    DVD rom
    Opus power supply (what size and option????)

    i've totalled this up to be about 600 dollars not counting shipping. I have the HD, but i need all the other componants and i will probably build a custom enclosure. Is there anything i am missing i don't want to start buying things and end up realizing things don't work with each other....please give me ur input
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    what kind of civic, i have a 98 Civic Ex coupe and was thinking bout puttin the computer behind the drivers seat in the floor board.
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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      98 civic ex coupe it is
      Life is only worth living when you have something/one to live for.


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        ok, as far as the ram goes, you can use any ram that is atleast rated PC2100. PC2700, PC3200...etc is fine, it will clock down for you, check out for deals on ram. As far as the LCD goes, i was also thinking about an indash, but i recently found this and im really considering buying it instead. I would rather have the VGA input. For the power, should just go with the 150 watt Opus, yes the m-1000 has a composite out port.
        2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC