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Powering a PII Mobo + HDD?

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  • Powering a PII Mobo + HDD?


    Looking for a bit of advice on supplying power to my project, heres the skinny:

    I've been reading the posts on the site for a good few weeks now trying to figure out the best plan of action for my budget Mp3Car system. I've been most worried about powering the system, which will be an old PII 450 and a 5400rpm hdd, plus the usual items - CPU fan etc etc. I'd guess the LCD display could be powered seperatly

    1) I figure I'll need an Inverter to convert the supply from the battery, would this do? - UK Inverter

    2) Confused as to what kind of power supply would I use to supply the juice to my mobo, fans and HDD from there. Eg I see the mini-itx models have a special 55w power supply that can be used, what could I use to power my old beast?

    Thanks, sorry for the newbie question but I have been using the button for a few days and aint got a clear answer


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    You'd just use a standard ATX power supply plugged into the inverter.
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      Ah, excellent. Would there be any problems with that? Would I have to watch for the system drawing too much power or anything like that?



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        I have a PII-400, with the stock dell psu running from a 400w inverter. I have used it without the car running for half an hour without killing the battery.