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Advice? Ebay or for my well earned cash!

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  • Advice? Ebay or for my well earned cash!

    Hey Guys,

    I've been saving up for this little project for a while now (poor student and all that) and im wondering, does anyone have any experience from buying products etc from this seller. Im worried about complications upon buying the TFT from the guy on ebay, which can be had from carTFT for about 30 quid extra (same product I believe?)

    Any advice on this seller or my situation in general guys? 99% sure you'll say go with the sure bet (carTFT ) but I guess I'll ask anyway!


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    - Lwin M. Maung
    If it's stuck, force it. If it breaks it needed replacing anyway


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      I would avoid the ebay guy. From reports in the LCD section of the forum, it's like Russian Roulette getting Lilliput LCD's from him. Some are good and no problem. Others aren't, and you end up paying to ship it back. He replaces them, no problem. But there goes your 30 quid to the post man. Go with a reputable vendor, especially if you don't have money to loose.
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        whats a quid?
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...